1. Hey guys whats up, well that time has come and im trading my car in.I have a 99 v6 auto.Umm my first choice was a 04Gt but considering im only 17, i think gas is too much plus i really need a 4 door.Sorry to say but ive been lookin into the Srt's.Are they worth it?I think they are cool for a 4cyl raging out 230 hp.So what u guys think?
  2. :nonono:

    I hate SRT-4's, I respect em, but I hate em.
  3. they are ugly.... i dont care if they do run low 14s they are still a neon..... gas is not that bad get what you want
  4. no they're cool get it man :nice: can be made to go even faster
  5. Going from a V6 Mustang to an SRT-4, the gas mileage will be the same. The Neon will be faster though, causing you to waste more gas going fast. :D Get what you want, I personally hate Neons.
  6. Anyone know how fast a new Dodge Stratus R/T is in the 1/4 or 0-60, whatever? I like the way they look. I know they have 200hp and weigh like 3200lbs. Competition for the V6 Mustang maybe?
  7. personally if i were ever to get something along those lines it would be... a WRX or STI, I like those better than them neons! >O
    however, if you do get one opf them silly SRT-4's get the turbo upgrade packagy thing, for the price i hear its well worth it!
  8. Go for the SRT that way when the turbo/engine/whatever blows up or fails we can all laugh at you.

    Chrystler reliability is hella poor.
  9. these newbs are just h8ters. The neon srt has some problems in the start but they fixed that now. You can get a neon into the 12's for what it costs to get a v6 mustang into the 14's. I like the way neons look and they have a much better interior design. Although the rear windows don't come with power!!! :nonono: The neon is infinetly faster, lower insurace (i checked) and it will definately get better gas mileage although you will have to run premium. Its also more practical for a kid (you can actually carry 4 people unlike the mustang where they need to be 5'5" or smaller if they ride in the back)If you know how to drive without boost then u can get the gas mileage of a stock civic. Ive sunk like 15000 dollars into my car and if someone came up to me today and said "I will give you a brand new neon if you drive ur car off a cliff (not with me in it of course), id say wheres my new car? lol"
  10. Lucky for you its now daimler-chrysler which = infinetely better cars..
  11. ... the rating for an SRT-4's gas mileage is 2mpg better than a V6 Mustang (This is with a professional driving). Why would that make it better than a V6 in gas mileage? Last time I checked, Regular was less than Premium. So you would be saving absolutely NO money.
  12. hahaha...epa gas mileage means jack. And the test are taken by people who don't drive in normal conditions. They do those tests in parking lots. If you keep out of boost, you will definately get 5+ mpg better then a v6mustang or more.

    4 cylinder 2600 pounds.
    6 cylinder 3200+ pounds.

    Just do the math. Anyways, the neon motor is a better designed motor then our inefficient ohv bs. Don't think i dont love mustangs, i just think the neon is a better car all around IMO.
  13. Uh, just because Daimler owns Chrystler that doesnt mean Crystler is any better. Ford owns Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, and Aston Martin. But their cars dont have problems like my Ford. Why? Because Ford lets them do thier own thing just like Mercedes lets Chrystler do its own thing. Hate to break it you you but the new Rams have been problem plauged. Just like these Neon's will be. There hasnt been a Neon made yet that doesnt have lots of problems. Thier reliablity is TERRIBLE. And this new cheaper version (which it is, the interior and exterior of the car is just cheap plastic) might be faster, but it will have LOTS of problems.
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  15. You know, I have mixed feelings about the SRT-4. For one thing, yes, it is STILL a neon, and that's never a good thing. For another, it's clearly designed for a chick to drive. I did once run one in my Stang and, despite the insane 0-60 time claim Dodge says they get out of it, I pulled it hella good off the line. Of course, at higher speeds it pulled me pretty good thanks to the boost. I don't think I would ever buy one simply due to the fact that 1. it's a neon and 2. It's a Dodge. My family has owned AT LEAST a dozen Dodge vehicles in the past 8 years, and every single one of them fell apart..from the Dodge Dynasty to the Dodge Ram, every one of them seemed to be held together with superglue. I understand that Mercedes is partnered with Chrysler now, BUT, if you follow Consumer Reports, 80 of every 100 Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are sold come back to the dealer with warranty issues. German engineering isn't all it's cracked up to be. I personally think Dodge is trying to overcome their poor build quality by sticking the biggest engines they can find into everything they have....I'm expecting to see the "All-New Hemi-powered Neon" any day now. I guess I say get what you want...don't get the GT though b/c gas and insurance will eat you alive...plus it's not worth the price anyway. That's the one thing I have to give to the neon...someone said they'd like to have a STI or WRX...well, that's $25k-$32k...the SRT-4 is fully loaded at $20k. Just know also that the SRT-4 is the second fastest depreciating car in the market today...behind what? The DODGE Intrepid.....
  16. You NEED 4 doors? BAHAHAHHAHA.....


  17. a friend of mine bought a SRT-4. he swore up and down that if he drove it normaly, it would get 30mpg. guess what, it doesn't. if you even see the slightest hint of boost, you aren't going to get good gas mileage in the SRT-4. you can get good gas mileage if you drive like an old lady, but as with any forced induction car, it can guzzle gas very easily.
  18. i dont have a problem running 14s and it cost me 600 bucks~
  19. the neon is also not an infinatly better car all around... FWD sucks, sucks bad.... its ugly as crap, the quality is low, it takes a turbo to do with a push rod OLD OLD OLD tech h/c/i v6 base model mustang can do.... about the only thing going for it is its cost, and the fact that is has a turbo.... sure it runs low 14s stock, thats impressive but it takes a turbo to do it... if i turboed my car and only ran a 14.0 i would be pissed, it also has alot more psi than it would take me....