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  1. I was thinking I'd like to start gathering up some used parts to do a five lug swap on my car, I haven't seen anything on craigslist and the few wrecking yards (I know of) don't seem to have much. Any recommendations as to where I should look? Thank you.
  2. I hear that.
  3. Next time I'm on the computer at home I might be able to find a bookmark that will help. It searches junk yards all over the US. That is how I got my sn95 spindles.
  4. Try this...
    There are other places but I have used this place more than a few times for various purchases.
    I can't remember the name of the place but there is a junk yard in New England that has a lot of stang parts.
  5. eBay usually has 94/95 spindles...
  6. Saw Travis yesterday. Doing good. He bought a house with a nice sized garage.
  7. Yeah, I see him on Facebook all the time.
  8. Going to register the stang today. Been 5 years since I last registered it.
    Put a new battery in it also since the last one was 16 years old...ha ha. Got an Odyssey AGM battery that supposedly is better than the Optima.
    Need to replace the battery starter relay on the fender.
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  9. Sweet!! Get her on the road!
  10. Glad I replaced the relay. It was the source of starting problems. Now trying to get a replacement hose for the oil drain on the turbo.
  11. 20170722_103952.jpg It's out baby! Finally back on the ground.
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  12. Alignment was done and inspection. Damn check engine light came on a few miles after driving on the way to the garage. Codes were nothing special and cleared only to show up again about a mile after leaving the shop. Never had problems with that before. Maybe an electrical connection is loose or some corrosion.
    Car is driving fine. Steering is light. Little hiccup under moderate to hard acceleration but not with gentle acceleration.
  13. Glad she's back!!
  14. Took it out yesterday and looking to take it to work sometime this week.
  15. How's she running??
  16. Running good. Couple times I heard some detonation when the engine was warm and I accelerated moderately. Maybe high IAT. Obviously needs some tuning. Drove it a couple hundred miles this summer. Forgot how flat it cornered.
    Check engine light hasn't come on in a while. Hopefully that's okay now.
    How's the FiTech?
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  17. FiTech is running better. I honestly haven't driven the car all summer after the initial test drive. The weather is getting cooler now so I will start massing with it again.
  18. You niggas still alive?

    Put my boat up yesterday...sad lol
  19. Put the snow tires on a couple days ago. Got small amount of snow last night.
    Guess it' time to put the car in the barn for the winter.
  20. Took the car for one last drive to gas up and wash it before putting it up for the winter. Got my second ticket of my life time. 50 in a 35. Oops. Last ticket was in 1999. That sucks!