Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. Spoken like a true Fanboy :nonono:

  2. I agree the JUNK pile. Glass rear end and engines and body that self destruct. I've raced 3 and done good and would have brought one if I so desired. Where's the better car now? News flash it's still being made everyone knows the only thing to brag about is the engine and that's not all that dependable. Cost of ownership my friend, I don't like working on cars for a living anymore........... :owned:
  3. Ok I would Just to correct ANGUS or what ever the name. There is no rwhp difference the Mach1 and my 00 Z28 have the same HP 305, and the gears are not 342's on a Camaro, they are 322's. Get your numbers right b-4 you talk.
  4. Stock00Z28: You really shouldn't expect to come on a MUSTANG site, bash Mustangs, and get no grief. And the factory rearend in the F-Bodies was 3.42 not 3.22. The F-bodies also have an extra gear. And I forget, do the still make Camaros/Firebirds? GM has always tried to play catch up in the "Pony Wars". I guess they lost. :rlaugh:

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  5. Here's my take from the other side of the fence. A stock for stock manual 1/4 mile run should play out like this:

    The mach has lower(tighter) 1rst and 2nd gear trans ratios. Equally driven, the mach clearly has the 1/8th mile advantage.

    After the 1/8th, the LS1's power will reel the mach in and walk past it before the traps.

    On the street, I'd say it's a drivers race.
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    I guess I've been lucky then I've raced 3. One was a 99 TA on the highway 65mph to 125mph and I pulled him good. My 02 GT did OK in the 1/8th with an fbody and it would reel me when I hit 3rd but there's no magic gear on the fbody that does that on the Mach until you hit 5th and that's way over the mph I tend to race, 140ish is about max for me.........
  7. The gears are 3.22's
    #1. It states it in the camaro Brochure.
    #2. My uncle works at the Chevy dealership in parts, and he looked it up.
    #3. My friend was doing Intern. work for Chevy as an Engineer in 01-02, the last years that the camaro was being made. He told me that they were 3.22
  8. Another thing, Chevy didn't need to play catch up in the pony area. Even though camaros and firebirds are not being made anymore, we are still the dominant species. :banana:
  9. Maybe in mullets per owner. :banana:
  10. Why are you guys even bothering to respond to him?

    It's already obvious to me that: He doesn't know what he's talking about and is only posting to try to start s**t.

    A4 F-bodies came with 2.73s unless the "performance axle" was opted for, in that case they got 3.23s.

    M6's came with 3.42s, no options for anything else.

    Stock vs. stock, a Mach vs. LS1 F-body is going to be a driver's race. I'd give a very slight edge to the LS1 (especially as speeds increase) but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see a Mach 1 pull on an LS1 (even well past 100mph).
  11. I concur. Good too see level headed thoughts. :flag:
  12. I also agree with the statements above.
    As far as the statements below...

    "The gears are 3.22's
    #1. It states it in the camaro Brochure.
    #2. My uncle works at the Chevy dealership in parts, and he looked it up.
    #3. My friend was doing Intern. work for Chevy as an Engineer in 01-02, the last years that the camaro was being made. He told me that they were 3.22"

    #1. Your brochure is wrong
    #2. Your Uncle is wrong
    #3. Your friend is wrong
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  14. I have a 2003 Mach 1. Last night I ran a 2002 SS Camaro. He had a smooth bellow and a factory Hurst six speed. I have 2 chamber flows and a Pro5.0, so we were both very close to stock. I got him out of the hole every time by about a half a car. When we shut down (around the middle of fourth gear for me) we were neck and neck all three times. He pulled hard on me toward the end of third, but once i changed to fourth all was even again. Nose to Nose..............both are awsome cars.
  15. Unfortunately alot of the LS1 guys show the Mach no respect at all. I was just over on and in the GTO forums they are talking smack about the bloated GTO will outperform the Mach in just about anything.( I about fell off my chair laughing)

    Apparently denial has set in. Their Canadian muscle cars with corvette engines are no more, as they must settle for an Australian muscle car with a corvette engine and GTO Badges. :nice:

    I guess this track season you all have to bring them down to reality as well as the arrogant GTO owners.
  16. That's just ghey. :p
  17. Personaly, I've never seen an Ls1 SS/Z28 or Trans Am run better than a 13.5 completly stock at the local tracks here even with good 60ft, but they seem to believe they can get a Ls1 into the high 12 stock. I've seen others run into the low 13's but they had lids, cut-outs or loud mouth exuast, or drag redials, so they're not completly stock. Guys with stock Ls1 give me crap all the time about my cobra not being able to hang with their cars, and I love the looks on their faces when they see my taillights. Yes, stock for stock, they've have more power and do pull hard once in third. Like someone said earlier, most gm guys have a big set of denial. Heck, some guys read on the internet all dy long about how fast their cars are or time slips and assume they can perform their car that way. I know I did 5 years ago and my first track trip I pulled a 14.7 in a car that was way more capable than that. Any way, truth is an Ls1 and mach are a drivers race not matter what anybody say's, on paper the ls1 is faster and in reality it is as well, but not all drivers are ever going to drive their car at 100% potential all the time. Too much typing, just bored. :flag:
  18. I'm glad to hear that the Mach1 is hanging, somewhat, with the LS1. I love my 2000GT and am very proud of the Mustang heritage, but it always chaps my a$$ when some punk in an LS1 smirks at my ride because he knows, and I know from racing them, that he will smoke me if I try. Here's to the "03 Cobra and maybe the ?Mach1? :worship:
  19. Why do they call them Fireturds and slomaros? I think it was a bad marketing idea by GM. Just my opinion.


  20. :rolleyes: