Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Mach428, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. What about "Slobras" and "Crustangs" :shrug:

  2. I just raced one this afternoon.
    SS, 6-speed, from a 40 mph roll. Slowly pulled him in each gear until we shut down for about a 1 full car-length lead. Top of 2nd gear to 4,000 rpm in 4th gear. My car is stock, and close as it was, I'm sure his was too.

    Raced another that was lightly modded, SS, 6-speed, cat-back, lid and it was the opposite, he slowly pulled me to about a car length victory, again from a roll.

    At the track too, the cars are closely matched.
  3. one difference with catmanjj's car and the f-bodies in his area could be the elevation. if they go to atco, they're right at sea level. from what i understand, that alone is good for a couple tenths.

  4. Realquick,

    What does a new Camaro cost? Went to my local Cheby dealer today and I couldn't find a brochure.

    Stock for stock my guess is LS1. Still wouldn't catch me dead in one of em.


  5. I guess you think your witty or something? If you werent the 10,000 person to joke about that then you would be. Oh well, I guess I'll just stick to picking on Mach 1's with my old LT1.

  6. Wanna run them? Mine is a WS6 and I'm in the same town.

  7. Im sorry, I thought this thread was stock Mach vs. Stock LS1. I didn't know Cheby made your old 95 with 385RWHP stock. You must be proud "picking on" stock cars. Keep up the good work. I like the old joke and its true, what do you know.

  8. Let's DO IT!
  9. I didnt say anything about stock Mach1's or any stock cars. I wont waste my gas if they are too slow, unless they talk smack.
  10. Let me know when you can meet up. My son is having surgery Friday so that day would be out.
  11. Just having fun. Were are friends here right? Plus I agree with you, if my car only got 10 miles to the gallon like yours, I would be picky as well.


  12. 18.5mpg with 3.73 gear :)
  13. I can't believe this thread is still alive, do you guys realize i started it 3 months ago? Lol, i didn't even have my Mach then!
  14. Third gear is what I was missing with my GT. I would get out at launch (even against SS), then they would leave me hard once they hit third. This Mach has awesome power in third. I'm looking forward to my next LS1 encounter.
  15. :hail2:
  16. My track times

    I am new to this site, but I thiught you guys would be interested in my times. I live in Atlanta and we have very muggy weather here. Well anyway I ran my 03 Mach1, Bone stock on factory tires, at Reynolds Drag way last September.
    1/4 mile--------- 13.216
    Trap------------ 106.2mph
    60 FT----------- 1.90
    Reaction time--- .515

    That was no mods at all. The spare and the jack were in the trunk.
    I was extremely impressed with this cars performance. Since then I have made my mods and I will be running it again on April 3. I will post my results soon afterward.
  17. Nice numbers and good driving. I'd be happy if I could cut a 1.9 60'. Havent had enough runs with the power and tires yet. Keep us posted.
  18. Ok guys this spring and summer you should drag race your Mach1 vs all ls1 V8s . From the Z28 and Trams Ams,GTOs and see what you did, against the the LS1s V8s at your local dragway and put it on this forum. With pics and timing sheets see what you did at drag raceway. :flag:
  19. I'll agree with all the folks saying it'll be a drivers race. Come on folks,,, how many times have you seen a crappy driver pull 14s in a LS1 or even a new Cobra??? I've seen plenty. There is only going to be 2-4 tenths between them at most if both cars are driven well. IF,,, {and a big if} both drivers are good and it's on the strip,,,, maybe the nod goes to the LS1,,,,maybe just by a smidge.

    Most LS1s run low to mid 13s with a decent driver {I ran a [email protected] with only a lid}. So far, the average for Mach1s around here seems to be pretty much the same, just a smidge slower. Figure mid to high 13s on average with a great driver getting low 13s. I've seen around 20-25 passes from Mach1s this year, most were upper 13s.

    Pecking order right now goes- new Cobras coming in at around mid to high 12s,,,, LS1s coming in at low to mid 13s,,, Mach1s are running mid to high 13s and GTS are turning low 14s for the most part. JMO,,, sound bout right?

    00Z28 {or whatever your name was},,,, how bout shutting up? You are making it hard for the rest of us that like all cars. Automatic LS1s had 3.23s for the most part, manuals had 3.42s.
  20. Oh ls1 are the easiest car ive ever seen to mod maybe besides a 03 cobra. A lid will give u gains of up to 30rwhp, depending on the cam u can get anywhere from 20-60rwhp, longtubes can give around 10-30rwhp, and afrs have seen 70rwhp. so how is that not easy to mod??? And a blown ws6 only running 12's sorry he cant drive his car right :nonono: