Stolen: 2000 Mustang GT...

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  1. I looked up the police statistics for the area I live in- Currently for 2006 there have been NO auto thefts... sucks to be me.

    Anyways, I have to wait to see what the insurance is going to award me on wednesday, but I have found a couple different GT's and one 01 cobra in the area. I really want the cobra but they want 21,000 for it, which is nearly 4 grand OVER book value..
  2. 01 cobra isnt much better than a GT IMO. i would get an 03 04 cobra or a GT and a mongoose kit.
  3. this is a daily driver- I would love a mongoose kit, but I cant do it untill I get a different DD. I heard bolt on cobra's can put out 350RWHP?
  4. I would get a 03 or 04 Cobra. Try to see if you can find one which is reasonably priced though. Everything out there is waaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced.
  5. u prolly wont find an 03-04 cobra, i would consider the 01 but offer them significantly less.

    i remember when i was 1st looking for a car, i went up to rusty eck to see the 03 cobras and they where priced anywhere from 28k-35k :nonono:
    and that was in march of this year
  6. How do you figure? :scratch:

    Bigger brakes, IRS, 4-valve engine, ultra-sexy body accents. Even in stock trim an '01 Cobra is more than capable of stomping any SN95 GT. No, it doesn't breath fire like the '03-'04 Cobra, but that's why the newer Snakes cost so much more. Sure, I guess he could go with a blower on a GT, but all you've done then is increased the GT's power. You still don't get all the rest of the goodies that come stanard with the Cobra and you won't even come close to duplicating the rest of the items for anywhere near the cost between the two. Not to mention you can put a blower on an '01 Cobra just as easily as you could a GT.

  7. th only advantages over a GT is the 4V heads and brakes, maybe the seats. for the 10K extra he is looking at spending it is a waste. the 99-01 have a weak bottom end, just like our gt's. a weak trans, just like our gt's. an independant rear end, another downside.

    let me know if i'm missing something, but all i see taht is good about a cobra i could do to a gt for much less! even if you put a blower on the cobra you are limited to about the same power level as a gt.
  8. Well, for starters, the 4V engine is far superior to the 2V. Any and all bolt-ons you add to the 4-Valve are always worth more power than the same ones on a 2-Valve. Hell, the exhaust note alone at full cry is enough for me to fork over the extra cash! And it would take faaaar more than just a few dollars to do the conversion.

    Addressing the weak bottom end.....I guess if you're not satisfied with the ability to support 400-450rwhp with bolt-ons or a power adder, then stock internals could be a bit of a burden, but it's kind of a moot point when you consider you've got to spend the same amount of money beefing up the 2V bottom end.....even more so when you consider the Cobra's at least got a forged steel crank and heavy duty oiling system. Either way, you'll make 400rwhp+ a lot easier and safer with a DOHC than you will with the SOHC....and putting less strain on that bottom end in the process!

    As far as the IRS is being a burden is certainly a matter of opinion. If you're running it at the track on slicks and consistently dumping the clutch at 4,000RPM on a regular basis, then sure it's got it's limitations. Otherwise, it's more than capable of holding together with the use of street tires. Sure, you've got the possibility of breaking a half shaft with good traction, but what kills the half shafts is wheel hop. With a very inexpensive bushing change and/or the addition of later model parts in the IRS, the problem is solved. From that point, you're just as likely to snap a stock 28-splined axle on a solid rear GT than you are with the IRS launching it hard with traction. Hell, we've got a guy over on the tccoa board who got his over 10-year-old T-Bird into the mid-10's before the IRS started giving him problems.

    Strait line acceleration aside, the IRS if far superior to the traditional solid axle set up in all other aspects. You've also got improved handling and ride quality that certainly makes for a better daily driver......which is what he's looking for in the first place!

    Add the cost of the Brakes, IRS, 4-valve conversion, interior and body accents and all the other little things that make the Cobra what it is.....not to mention the higher over all value and prestige of the Cobra vs. a run of the mill GT I'd I'll bet your life you're not able to duplicate it for the cost difference between the two cars.
  9. Can you say "insurance fraud and jail time?" What if the thief were to get caught, and he/she were to fess up and state that they found the car in the driveway with the keys in the ignition and the car running? He'd be in deep **** after that. Not really good advice there.

    Don't you dare spend 21k for an 01 Cobra, you'll be kicking yourself in the ass later. Hell, for under 20k you can get a good, low mileage Mach 1 with the same motor and start from there. An 01' Cobra will have a ton of mileage seeing as it's almost 7 years old, versus an 04' that'd be 2-3 at most.

    I'm surprised no one mentioned a Mach 1 yet. :shrug:
  10. Mach 1 FTW. Solid rear and 4V:nice:
  11. Good Idea, I will look for mach 1's. As for an update, still nothing. Every silver mustang I see in town I thoroughly examine to make sure it isnt mine. She has to be in a chop shop somewhere :(
  12. +1 get a Mach. I saw one for sale with 27k on it for 18,000 near me. Looked to be in good condition.
  13. Really sorry to hear... I can't even imagine.
    I have a remote starter in my 5-speed. It's a Compustar.. made specifically for manual transmissions... purchased from and installed by an audio shop near me.. Imagine Audio.. a little pricy, but nice to have..
  14. lojack...too late now but its a good investment
  15. Whats that?
  16. Lojack is basically some kind of alarm system tied in with the cops. It gives off a signal that the cops can hone in on and find your stolen car. Crude explanation.
  17. Pretty much. Its a little tracking unit thats hard to get rid of. ALOT of bikes are coming with this now as an option.

    Recovery time in usually very fast, because you get a direct location on the vehicle. My freind got this on his GSXR and I beleive the fastest recovery they have had locally was something like 15-20mins...:nice:

    Overall, we are lucky. The PATS setup keeps our cars safe from being hotwired, but if someone REALLY wants to take it all they have to do is tow it away.
  18. UPDATE- the insurance did end up paying out. Now I have a 2002 GT, stock except for a catback and K & N. What a long and horrible past 2+ weeks....

    Let the mods begin!
  19. man tahts awesome to hear! i wouldnt even know how i would remain that calm.. but post some pics whenyou get a chance!
  20. Awesome news.Glad to see the insurance stepped up!! :nice: