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  2. A lot of people swear by the Scat 9000 series. The cast crank is good to 500hp. Any more than that and you have to go to the forged.

  3. Yes that's what I've heard a lot of, since upgrading block levels are not in the budget, a cast scat should be good for stock block levels.

  4. yup no need to go forged until you go aftermarket block.
  5. Unless you are like me and putting 500rwhp and 635 rwtq through a stock block. I had do drop another $700 when I tore up my last forged crank. Just don't get too power greedy like I am and you should be fine with the cast crank.

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  6. 635 , dang nice number
  7. I run the Scat 9000 crank in my 331. Its been a few years now, but I got mine through Coast High with free balancing. I also upgraded the pistons, rings and bearings from the basic kit. However, you are really close to Summit, so picking it up might save you some coin.

  8. I would check the crank for balance and tolerances. Hate to say it, but most of the "matching" on these mass produced kits consists of throwing a bunch of parts in a box. Cranks that are not balanced right or have chatter. Bearings that are sized wrong or are marred. Sometimes it takes 3-4 sets of bearing to get the right ones.
  9. Yeah Summit being close to me and being able go walk in the store is a great plus I believe. They honored my msd distributor fail 9 months into the warranty and refunded my money on the spot, so I was pretty impressed with that customer service. That is certainly keeping me as a returning customer. So I'm really considering the unbalanced kit and have my machine shop do it up, to make sure it's right.
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  10. I also recommend checking out a kit from Ford Strokers. Woody can get you a kit that's already balanced and the whole works.
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  11. Cool thnx, I just looked over their site and I'm pretty impressed with what I seen. Everything in~house and some pretty cool stroker kit options. Like @mikestang63 said, the general kits scare me but either having an in~house option or having my machine shop do it is more appealing for sure. They also seem to have many different kit packages that are appealing :nice:
    I added the link to their site because I feel that's a Great option!!

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  12. FWI, ...I just finished reading the entire fordstrokers.com website and I'm like :eek: ....this is the Quality of Workmanship that I want!!!
    Super Impressed with this, may just do a 347 short block put together by them and have it done Right the first time :nice:
    You got a discount code :rlaugh:
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  13. You will not be dissapointed by the quality of work Woody delivers. The only downside is he is very much backlogged and a perfectionist, so expect to wait a few months- that and he does not begin any work until you pay him upfront. If you can't wait that long, I'd recommend Mark O'Neal @ CHP.
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  14. Cool thnx, yeah it would be in the future a little ways so i would not mind waiting.