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  1. OK
    i confirmed today that it is a non roller block. I gues i am going to go with a 408, ill only put approx 5k-6k miles on it a year, so the bigger displacement, i don't think, will matter that much if built properly. so my next question is can anyone recommend a good Cam, i want it to be as much of a sleeper as possible, and as agessive as possible(not so much of a lopey idle), so that no one will Know.:D i have been recommended An anderson for N-81, but i can't find specs on them anywhere.....
  2. AFM N-81 236/244 .568/.576 110

    Basic specs, dunno the open/close events.

    If its a non roller to do it properly you will need link bar lifters. A 408 will work very well.
  3. yes i talked to a guy from DSS,(he was very helpful) And that was exactly what he said. i found a few threads over on hardcore, they said this cam(n-81) had some poor drivability, but didn't really specify an rpm range. i am looking for something that will give all the power i can get, but without that "drag car" idle. :cheers:
  4. You will be fine. If you have any doubts, go with a custom cam from a good grinder. But the AFM stuff does work, i've seen it first hand.
  5. thank you.
    you have been most helpful without tryng to sidetrack me with alot of useless distractions.:nice:
  6. Thats how I do it :nice:

    Good luck with the build. What heads, intake and exhaust combo were you planning?
  7. I'm 99.9% sure that even though late model 351 blocks aren't as good as the earlier ones, they're still quite a bit sturdier than 302 blocks. All you really have to do it look at one. My machine guy built one that withstood 700hp.
  8. blah bah blah bah....rod ratio this and that ,stress of this and stress of that...

    Build it big build it bad....and yes the 351 even late model ones are quite notably stronger than the 302. If I was building a 351 based stroker I would build it as big as possible. IMHO even more so if its NA
  9. Well, i know that i want AFR 205 Heads, And shaft mounted roller rockers. i Know i want a Magnaflow X and cat back. i am going to use(flame away) a cobra upper and GT 40 lower for a 351W(extrude honed and ported). i am still up in the air about headers(don't have any idea, really)Probable 4.10's or 4.30's, and A TKO 600. What do you think?
  10. Use the 225's, please don't use a cobra intake!!!! You don't need 4.10 or 4.30 gears. The 205's will do fine though. I beleive you can use a bbk 1 3/4" header with the 205's.

    Parchisi, my builder has said many times late model 351 blocks are no better than late 302 blocks.
  11. Why a no go on the cobra upper and gt 40 lower? i am going to have them extrude honed, and then ported/polished. i understand that other ones will make more power. but is it really that big of a difference? i am trying to maintain the look that this is a 5.0L, average ordinary, run of the mill mustang, as stock looking exterior/interior as i can get.:D
  12. Its a HUGE difference. You need an intake to properly feed the big cubes. A spyder or tfs r box intakes are the way to go but a victor 5.8 or a tfs R will be ok and work good. The R box intake requires a big hood so scratch that since you're going for the stock look. I like that, mine looks stock too :D
  13. well it does already have a fiberglass Cobra R hood on it, maybe a 2-2.5" raise, nothing radical. that came with the car when i bought it. I read somewhere that i can't put the stock hood back on and have a 351 in it because of the deck height. What would you say is the top of the line best intake?
  14. I would say the spyder or the R box intakes are the top of the line. I do not think you're going to fit an R box under that hood.

    The regular tfs R will do ok as will the victor 5.8. It depends what you want. I assume this is not an emissions legal combo?
  15. Sure it is!:D
  16. until it gets that first sticker, then it will fall under "exempt " status:D
  17. i agree. a cobra intake ported to the max possible is still going to be a huge restriction on the combo you are planning. i agree 100% with the spyder intake and the box intake. however if you want to go with a more 302ish look, you can also add the holley systemax to the list of "decent" intakes for your combo with the tfs r and victor intake.
  18. You don't need the Vic's or the Spyder intake...are you planning a rotary engine;)

    Systemax would do just fine!

  19. A systemax would restrict a 408 IF they made one for a 351 block. Do your homework, they do NOT even make a holley systemax II for a 351 block :Zip2:

    Jr, PM me if you need more help! A victor 5.8 or tfs R would be ok IMO as long as you werent planning on spinning past like 6k.
  20. For a stroker, 347. That isn't homework, that is common knowledge.

    Remember, I'm stuck on the little 302 based strokers...;)