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Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by bluevenom867, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. Hey guys, I got a modded 351W in my 86 GT, and this idiot on another side is telling me that his 2.3L that has $200 dollars into it is a better car.He says that a 2.3L will make more power than a 302 with little work.Please clear this up for me.
  2. so your calling everyone on here stupid...i c....

    why dont you go elsewhere and be annoying.....its a wander why ppl look down on this board its cause of ppl like you...
  3. Read my sig carefully......stupid

    The 351 car-$4500
    The 2.3T coupe-$2100
  4. hey 351 I was hoping you would show a pic of that mgb?
  5. I'm not call you stupid.I talking about the *** who's said this bull.
  6. Hehe, just just proved my point.You cant build a fast 2.3L for $200 bucks.
  7. my grammar is bad but not as bad as yours, so if your gonna trash someone at least think thru how your gonna say it.

    Go back to your 5.0 board and be a good lil boy.

    351 still waiting on that mgb pic:p

    With the 2.3T you can go far with 200$
  8. You may have missed the point that the $2100 total investment(including the car) would produce about a 12 flat run in the 1/4.

    Fast anything for $200 is usually out of the question unless you steal, buy a motorcycle or get a bunch of stuff free.....speaking of which.

    Total investment of my MG is $0 it was all given to me, to put back together. I'll post a pic tonight if I can.
  9. Hey just cause a 2.3L Ford ain't exactly the motor of my choise, I don't hate the thing.I got a uncle who has a shop,, and he works on Cryslar Conquest and making fuel injection kit.They got a 500hp Conquest that they plan on going high 10's and doing some road racing, they got twice the cash that we got into the car and it's not even as fast.And also explain just what you did to get 400hp out of $200 dollars when stock these cars put down about 80hp to the wheels because I think that is bull ****.
  10. you forget about JY's 351? I almost got my hands on a holset turbo from teh JY but some oen snached it up before i could get to sad and I could of got it for 25$!!!

  11. I assume your talking to me....have you looked at my sig I have a na2.3 it makes 100 and some hp where did your get 400hp from?

    and no the 2.3t make anywhere from what 170 something to 205 stock and the svo motor which is rated at 205hp layed down a 15sec factory run..whats your 302 run stock?

    I dont know the torque numbers yet so meh.
  12. So you would have had to boost it.And you said you had a 90's model mustang which didn't come with a turbo and would have had to make a header and intake piping and so on.You made it seem like you spent $200 buck on something and made 400hp N/A, which is crazy.
  13. Stock 302's run high to mid 14's with a 5-speed.
  14. And I got a 351 in the car and should go high 11's N/A and high 10's on spray.
  15. No look stupid I never said jack **** about me having a turbo on my na93 you jack ass, I havent done anything to my car yet, iam looking for a svo motor so I can do a swap(and change the harness).

    Why don't you read before you speak and think before you speak also.

    AGAIN where are you getting this that I have a 400hp2.3t from? I told you already I have a stock 93 2.3 NA I still have the fricking A/C hooked up cause it works so dam good.

    ALSO I SAY AGAIN go back toyour 5.0 board and be stupid there.
  16. So why didn't you say you were gonna swap a SVO motor into your car, stupid :).
  17. is this thread for real?
  18. One word...

  19. Wow we've got some angry people here
  20. for some reasion this guy thinks iam some person on this other message board....

    and ive told him over and over I dont know who the hell hes tlaking about..

    he pms me saying hes talking to someone on a message board called that has the same name as me...

    okI dont know what this is Ive never been there, if someone has the same name as me then there prolly took it and use it for there own.

    so whatever hes blowing out his ass i sjust utter crap thats why i asked 351 in a pm to close or move this topic...
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