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  1. Sorry but around here there isn't anyfast four clinder mustangs.I just assumed that they were all slow because even the SVO's around here try to race use and get smoked.I didn't mean to say he was runing na 400hp (I still though it was you, T3AL)but he did say that for $200 buck you can make over 400hp which I still don't believe.Were does he get this stuff from, a junk yard that doesn't charge for parts?This was my only real argument, the rest was opionion.And I don't care what you say because I have yet to see a four cylinder mustang (turbo or not)beat me, and probably never will around here.I don't have any experiance with a 2.3L Ford but I know my uncle has probably $30,000 into his Conquest and it's not as fast as our car and we got half that into ours.Well I geuss I learned a lesson today, before you flame some see if the motor is real pretty good.My opionion was that a 2.3L Ford sucked, now I might even build one later.And there is nothing funny about my post on this site either, well unless there intended to be.And for those of you who have said stuff about me directly, you don't know me.I am a nice person and yes, maybe a little imature (not for my age), but I can atleast admit when I'm wrong.So wad ya say?Stop being jerks and apologise, and we can get along or continue this bull crap.
  2. LooK kid what is the deal? If you got a problem with someone go take it up with them and stop this BS thread cry baby crud :rolleyes:

    Also if your car is running into the 8's I can se where your uncle is having problems keeping up with you. To my knowlege there is less than a handfull of 4cl that has made it into the 8's bracket. Now if you're running 9's...30k+ on almost any 4cl should allow your Uncle to hang with you. If it doesn't your Uncle has more money than he has machanical skills.

    As for smoking a SVO...

    Try smoking this one :rolleyes:

    Ps the name of this thread and it's location kind of a oxymoron :scratch:

    I mean this thread should be in 2.3L(T) Talk and not in tech.
  3. Blah...I'm closing this.
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