Stupid speed limiter

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  1. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think we may have a tie for the most idiotic post.
    Your assessment of the real world is sad. Thankfully, it's all just a bunch of :bs: . It sounds like someone else's opinion that you've adopted, or, worse yet, you had this :bs: force fed to you.
  2. Most of the dangers you said are still present in day to day driving within the speed limit as well. The only factor which changes is the reaction time in order to avoid these dangers.

    Even at the track you're not guaranteed of complete safety. Who says the guy your drag racing next to wont cross over to your lane? What if that underpaid track offical neglected to clean that oil slick left by the guy before you? It all boils down to proper judgement, and knowing your limits and accepting the consequences of things if they go bad. If you don't understand where I'm coming from then please be my guest and trade in your Mustang and buy a mid 1980's car with the 85mph speedo cause that's all you'll ever need on your dashboard!
  3. yes, but an accident at 55 MPH is NOT an accident at 145 MPH. Reaction time is nonexistant at 145 MPH and plus, there is absolutely no control if you have to swerve. at 55 it's manageable.

    At the track you're not but you won't hurt people who aren't away of the dangers. People there know what can happen and IF something does happen there are PARAMEDICS RIGHT THERE.

    If you think proper judgement = 145 MPH on the highway is ok then maybe you should follow your own advice.
  4. And you're not going to run head-on into my wife's minivan at the track.
  5. sorry for being a dick, but it wouldn't happen on the freeway either... unless your wife is driving the wrong way...
  6. No, 145 mph would not be a good judgement if things were to go wrong.
    I have only done this once and it wasn't sustained for more than 1 second before I quickly backed off to the speed limit.

    In the whole time I never passed one single car, all while on a straight stetch of road I have driven on numerous occasions I could have probabaly done blindfolded (hmm maybe next time around, j/k).

    Other than this minor stint, I'm a law abiding citezen who needs to get to point A to point B just like the rest of us safely. I have too much on the table to toss away my life, and others with it, for numerous bouts of speed on public roads. But I'm not going to be hypocritcal and preach to others when I'm guilty of the very same thing.

    Just curious, fast have you ever driven, honestly?
  7. 120 3 or 4 times. BUT, I am not the one saying "It's ok because I am a good driver" or "I can see for 5 miles so it's safe." and stuff like that. It is STUPID and there is ABSOLUTELY NO justification ("There are no race tracks so it's justified to go 145 on the street").
  8. Thank you for proving my point!
  9. ... How?
    YOU are trying to justify it because "you are a capable driver." I am saying the EXACT opposite. I am saying it's stupid and NEVER justified.
  10. My point of being a have no explanation of your runs to 120 3 or 4 times, whereas I'm giving my reasons.
  11. Wrong. If you lose control at 150 mph, it would take less than 1 second to be across the median into the other lanes.
  12. Hypocrite? I never said it was safe. I never said it was justified. I never gave excuses for how it happened.

    My whole argument the whole time is that it is NEVER justified and NEVER safe. I don't see how me being unsafe a few times makes me a hypocrite. I did NOT say it was safe when I did it.

    I think you misunderstand the word.

    Again, there is NO WAY you can justifiy such high speeds as safe. EVER. and I never have tried to justify it.
  13. When I'm on the road, I'm not worried about people street racing, but rather dunks or any intoxicated driver.

    I'm not saying street racing is good, but about 99% of us here have gone 100MPH+ at least one time in their life, on a public road. I agree that it should be taken to a track, but to some people the chance of getting caught is part of the trill. But that doesn't make it legal for them.
  14. So you're saying NOBODY has EVER crossed the median while crashing?! wow, I guess innocent victims cross the medians themselves and crash into all those drunk drivers. You sir, are dumb. :notnice:

    :lock: :lock: :lock:
  15. drunk people is something different...

    i am not defending street racing... i was just suggesting that maybe since the median on the freeway is a lil bit wider and bigger than the sidewall on the track the same hypothesis could be put for racing on the track...

    also driving fast on the freeway is not street racing...
  16. Hey guys I didn't want all this arguing, all I was saying is I took my car to the speed limit on the puter and it sucks because it limits at what tires were on it stock. IM 40 years old and have been dragracing on a track for a long time. I have run a 10 second car at a 130mph with 114 mph tires on the front for 3 seasons straight(VW replacement tires). I would never say street racing is good. weaving in and out of traffic is stupid. and yes we have had allot of people crossing the freeway and killing people head on. the weird thing is the last 5 head ons were from people falling asleep at the wheel, not racing( not saying racing is OK). anyway lets let this thread go away. no one sees eye to eye. lets argue to disagree.
  17. Best post ever. :D
  18. But knowing all the ricers that I do, driving on the wrong side of the road is EXACTLY something they would do. Not neccesarily on a divided highway, but on normal roads. I've seen them do it, and I've had one do it to me trying to race me, he nearly hit somebody and no doubt I would have been part of the accident. If he had hit that poor old guy, I don't care how hurt me or the ricer was, I would get out of my car and beat the piss out of him, for injuring innocent people like that. I'm not saying you're defending street racing, and I know I'm not, I'm just saying a lot of these ricers (and sadly some mustang/f-body drivers too) do so much stupid stuff it's not even funny. So it's all good! :flag:
  19. Hey as for your orginal question, a custom chip (or even an off-the-shelf chip) can eliminate that speed limiter. Street racing is a touchy subject on these forums. A lot of us know people that have died either doing it, or from someone else doing it, so we get angry when people promote it. Later! :flag: