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  1. IDK Eades,I rarely leave 5.0(fox) talk,but my deepest condolences to himandhis family, I will be sure tokeep him in my prayers and good luck with the investigation, I hope the actions taken will be just.
  2. nothing can be said to help with the loss of your flesh and blood just let it be known that everyone is here for support...

    what did they find out about the18year old driving the truck?? intoxicated? drugs? is he being charged for manslaughter??

    not to de-rail this great thread and its purpose but my intensions are that i really hope that the truck driver gets what coming to him...

    my graduating year a girl had a party and ended up shooting her friend in the face with a shotgun she said it was a accident but got out of everything because her mother was a cop......

    5years ago a good customer that used to come into the part store everyday got killed by a young group of kids driving a van that hit him riding his bicycle home....they also got out of all charges because the drivers father was on the force......

    the only reason i told those stories were for the fact that there is a lot of misfortunes in this world and its sad to see that it can be done and people can get away with it....

    i really hope for the best in your situation you seem like a great guy and its so unfortunite that something so bad had to happen to someone so undeserving of this... be strong and i hope the best for you and your family your in our thoughts and our hearts are with you
  3. 77sleeper - thanks for the update. I get sick to my stomach reading this thread and I've never actually met Chris. But like others on here that have been here a while... it's like he's family.

    Keep hanging in there Chris.... :nice:
  4. chris like the others have said if you need to talk i'm here and i hope you and your family are getting better by the day .
  5. Terrible news.... good luck.
  6. Wow i just read this.. Im so sorry to hear this, my prayers are with you Chris
  7. my condolences go out to you and your family. the loss of a loved one is a terrible thing and I know there isn't anything anyone can say to make you feel better but I hope it helps knowing that everyone on the board is here for you.
  8. I read this a few days ago on Arizona Mustangs and have been very VERY sad ever since. I've got 3 teenagers and am extremely greatful to have them. Losing a child should NOT HAPPEN. EVER. PERIOD. I'm so sorry, Chris. :(

    (Donation made)
  9. being only a kid myself i have no idea what your goin through but all i can really say is: I am truely sorry for your loss and you and your family will be in my prayers

    i'm sorry man
  10. may god be with you and your family during these sad times and i say a prayer for you family to heal and grow stronger...
  11. my condolences.:(
  12. SORRY it took so long for me to read this.. I will DEFINITELY pray for you and your family NOW, and in Church this Easter Sunday.

    GOD BLESS!!!

  13. This is terrible, as I read this thread I look over at my 3 year old and instantly start to cry. I have no words to express the hell you must be going thru. I wish you and you family the very best, if I can do anything please let me know.

    I am so sorry....
  14. I was in such shock when he told me that I posted a thread about it and didn't even see that this thread was already here. I've also posted the donation info on the VWVortex forums to hopefully help with the donations and support and get more people out to the benefit race. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his great family, I'm in complete shock and can't imagine what he's going through. When he messaged me saying he had some bad news, I was expecting to hear that he had split his block on his mustang. Then he told me what happened and my heart sunk through the floor and I was almost speachless, I didn't know what to say to him I was so shocked and froze. He's definately a Great guy and has great Family, I wish the best to them in the future and will continue to send my thoughts and prayers, and look forward to making a donation.
  15. Sorry for your loss man. I'll be praying for your family.
  16. Chris I dont know you that well but I feel disgusted after reading this too :nonono: It is beyond words. I will say a prayer for you and your family.

    Chris, try not to allow this terrible tragedy ruin what sounds like the wonderful family you still have. Devastating events like this can tear loved ones apart and they end up going at each other. Just try to continue to be the great dad and father I am sure you are. Hang in there man.
  17. I was just informed via the local board that Chris, his wife and daughter are all at home and in time for easter
  18. thats great to hear that they are home for the holiday but i cant image how they must feel on this easter without there baby..i hope all is well everyones thinking about you chris
  19. Wow, I don't know what to say. Eades is a really good guy. This is just terrible news.

    My prayers go out to him and his family.
  20. No words Chris, nothing can describe this.

    I put a sticky on my site as well for the donations.