Swap a 5.0 into a 99+GT?

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  1. I was thinking about swapping a 5.0 engine into my 01GT, stroking it out to 347, add a power adder, and do the typical heads, cam, and intake. The problem with the 2Vs are they are already maxed out in a way. You can not get above 300RWHP typically by swapping heads, cam and intake let alone make 350RWHP+ as you can in a 302. Let alone stroking it is almost out of the question because all you can get out of it is a 302. Where as you can stroke a 5.0 to a 331/347 ect. Modulars are cool at first becaue you have more HP out of the box, but imagine if Ford would have kept the 5.0, and slapped sweet heads on them like they did on the 99+? They would be making 280HP out of the box minimum. The 2Vs are maxed out of the factory due to good engineering from the factory. The exhaust manifold flow well enough that replacing them with shorties dont gain any real HP. The only improvement you can make on the heads is to port the stock ones. And you only gain about 5HP if you get the bullit intake. So what would it take to do this, and would it be worth it? Think about this too, at least there are forged pistons in the 5.0.
  2. How about a 351W @ 396?
  3. That would be cool too.
  4. Interesting... I would consider a 408W if this were doable.
  5. Don't some of the K-member manufacturers (MM, D&D, etc..) offer versions for the 4.6L and the 5.0L? Isn't that all you would need?

    Also - when you say "at least there are forged pistons in the 5.0" do you mean stock???
  6. Many, if not most 5.0s came with forged pistons.
  7. 93 5.0s had hyper pistons. 87-92 had TRW forged
  8. Hyper pistons are lighter :nice:
  9. And weaker :p

  10. well the way I see it by the time you spend that much $ on getting a 5.0 in your Stang you could have achieved the same RWHP with a 4.6 There are tons of people here getting 500-700 RWHP (you know who you are) here on the 4.6.
    Especially since you're not opposed to a power adder - :shrug:
    here ya go -
    Forged internals
    Forged crank -
    bore .20 over
    P&P heads / cams / springs bigger valves
    full good exhaust system
    Supercharger / good tune
    and you're there.
    You'll have to do all that and more, and less to achieve your goals on the 5.0 too - :shrug:
    I think the blocks hold up better than a 302 also. Enjoy the 4.6 geez.
  11. An extra 66 cubes never hurt anyone... :)
  12. Thanks - I did not know that.....
  13. Ha ha - yeah 600 RWHP is soooo much better that 550 ! :D
    Really depends on his goals. But if you put it that way why not get a 460, or the V-10 kit ?
    No ? Me neither.
  14. If I was going to swap my motor I wouldnt even bother with a 302...I would go straight for a 460...it fits in our car! That would be TOTAL badass!!!
  15. Nice suggestions. Maybe I oughtta broaden my horizens a bit. 427 big block :drool:

  16. :bs:

    Id seriously consider firing your engine builder if you think that the mods are incapable of making more then 300hp. 2V Heads can flow every bit as good or better then a junk pushrod 5.0 ... You dont even have to run a 2V, you need even more power, get a cobra engine, or put 4V heads on your car.
    Pushrod V8s are dead for a reason, New tech is better tech.

    Oh and VT Engines in Lansing is making a 324" Mod btw... Im sure there is alot more to come. Nobody figured out how to make a 468" Small block chevy until a year or so ago. That motors been around since when? 1953?
  17. 300RWHP NA. You can not put 4V heads on a GT block you need a Cobra block. All I am saying is if you take the stock 2V and compare it to a 5.0 with decent heads, decent intake, shorties, and a mild cam it will make more HP then the 4.6. I am comparing them because the 2V has decent heads, decent intake, decent exhaust manifolds and a stock cam that is decent.
  18. Still not the same thing though. Imagine what a 4.6 could do w/ all that !
    Instead you just mod the 4.6 it's own way, and it works out very well ! What you say are decent qualities of a 4.6 can be upgraded to better parts too - :nice:
    head work, intake work, add Longtubes, get new cams ! We just have to brush up the heads, and intake rather then replace them completely.
  19. Problem...
    1. There are no aftermarket heads, all you can do it port and you might gain 15HP $1300
    2. There are no aftermarket intakes except for the bullet and you might gain 5HP $1400
    3. You might gain 10HP with cams $500
    4. You might gain 2-4HP from shorties over the stock manifolds $500+

    On a 5.0 you can bet on doubling those gains
    1. 30HP for heads
    2. 10HP for intake
    3. 10-20HP for cams
    4. 10HP for shorties
  20. What about the fact that the 4.6 respons really well to supercharger applications :shrug: That makes up a huge difference I think. With some reinforcement aren't there some real 4.6 SOHC and DOHC monsters out there?