Swap a 5.0 into a 99+GT?

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  1. Yea you can put 4v head on a 2v but WHY?

    Kickerstang-like Aaron said.The 5.0 you can get parts cheap but anything around 450 +rwhp and the block is gonna split.
    Plus the 5.0's blow headgaskets like crazy because of the block design if the tune gets out any.
    4.6's dont.

    With less money than it would cost you for all that im putting down more power than a good 5.0 with a power adder including some strokers with blowers.And i have lots left in mine.

    Mines emission legal,daily driven,looks stock.

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  2. Why in the hell is this thread getting dragged to the top when its three weeks old and all of the people who were confused have now seen the light?

    I guess while I'm here I will mention the following news items:

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    4.) It seems like this 'Internet' thing might be here to stay.

    Well I guess now we're all caught up.
  3. enough bickering about what technology is better. i say if he wants to do the swap, go for it. send us the pictures when its done! a torquey 347 sounds good to me....especially with a supercharger sitting atop it. to each his own. the way i look at it, when the 99+ cars start to get older and the engines start to get worn out, i'm sure more people will be tempted to start putting in tried and true 5.0's as replacements. i say the more people that do the swap now and figure it out for the rest of us the better! besides, you can't go wrong with the huge aftermarket engine parts following for the 5.0......that is to say, unless the 4.6 market blows up to the same size, which is entirely possible. call me crazy, but i'd rather work on a 5.0 pushrod engine instead of a 4.6....much easier in my book.
  4. Hello, and welcome to last month.

    A few more headlines since this post last came to the top.

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    I will bet as the 4.6s begin to wear out they will be replaced with stronger and better built 4.6s. If you notice, when 5.0s wear out, they are replaced with stronger and better built 5.0s (or 5.0 variants) for the most part. You don't often see a guy blow up his 91 GT and say 'I think I'll toss a 428 CJ' in there. Of course, when the 5.0 debuted, it wasn't nearly the motor it is today- but it developed. History has a knack of repeating. If you think a 4.6 is hard to work on, its because you have never worked on one.
  5. Good Lord... Aaron, thanks for stepping in. Guess I missed the thread the first time, and I wish I had the second... This thread was bad from the get-go. It doesn't bother me that someone asked the question- the only bad question is one that doesn't get asked. What does bother me is that in the 500,000 replies after the thread originated, 99% of them were from people saying, "Hey cool! Great idea! *I'm* gonna go drop a 5.0 in my car TOO!"

    Oh well, this is the type of thing that is starting to bug me about SN. At LEAST on the Corral there are some knowledgeable people intermingled with the uninformed. Right now there's a 4-5 page tech thread about Comp billets. There's some idiots in there, sure- but on SN, the thread would likely go unchecked by someone who knows their *****, as opposed to there where you get some dependable info backed by experience. Ask a legitimate HARDCORE tech question in 4.6 on SN, and you get a sea of blank stares and some replies punctuating the silence like,

    "i thohgt are cars had 4.6's? :shrug: "


    "hey Guys i have '96 mUtang GT, my uncle sez my engin will brake after 40,000 miles this ture?? :( "

    And on and on. Screw it.

    Hey Kickerstang dude, WTF? Selling the '01!? I thought we were gonna cruise someday if I ever made it to Springs in my car!? :D
  6. NO CHIT!!!!

    everyone needs to realize that ford actually gave us a good cylinder head for once, there is no need right now for an aftermarket set.. i'm sure all the 5.0 boys would kill for heads that flow anywhere near this stock(i know i would have when i had my 83, hell i would now with the non PI 96 too)...

    cobrakiller is making over 700 Rwhp, on the stock heads(ported but stock heads none the less) i challange anyone on here to find a 5.0 powered car thats making that much power on ported stock heads(not GT40's, as they dont come on the mustang gt)

    BOTTOM LINE: dont gripe about not having aftermarket heads, just get yours ported, and be happy you saved alot of money, to go just as fast.

    just my .02
  7. We can still go cruise man. I just bought my 5.0 and it is already faster than my 01GT with less HP and TQ, and it still has the stock exhaust on it. Well, not anymore, the stock manifolds are off at this point and the headers are going on tomorrow.
  8. aron 4.6
    Why in the hell is this thread getting dragged to the top when its three weeks old and all of the people who were confused have now seen the light?

    I guess while I'm here I will mention the following news items:

    1.) The British are coming.
    2.) I heard that some of the Southern states might leave the Union.
    3.) Pearl Harbor was just attacked.
    4.) It seems like this 'Internet' thing might be here to stay.

    Well I guess now we're all caught up.


  9. Your only right if your not considering supercharging. The best way to go is skip going back in time and gettin old pushrod technology and making it work in a newer car, and go with the new technology and upgrade it how it is meant to be. Go with some lower compression forged internals and a cobra crank and you can easily put out 500-550 rwhp with a centrifugal or twin screw supercharger.

    What is the point in staying n/a at all costs? Its only a pride thing...put your pride aside and you'll save yourself alot of money and time building a nice fast car.

  10. i wouldnt say that the stock heads and parts on the 5.0 are crap.....they were average for their time! just like the npi 4.6 heads were average for thier time ...everything gets surpassed by technology somday. I bet in 5 years people will be saying the same thing about the PI heads on the 2v 4.6.
  11. Wow

    Its always very interesting to read the forums. I would say its becoming more of a habit for us all. One can learn so much. Heres my 2 cents, take it as you will. Now I have had a 94 gt and presently a 01 gt. I don't know much but if the pushrod motors were so great why did Ford quit producing them? It would also seem that if the modular motor was made its probably a little more technically advanced, because its newer. It usually doesn't go the otherway. I couldn't imagine Ford saying, " Oh, well Bill lets just keep the old pushrod motor that gets O.K. gas mileage and not move up to the modular motor which gets a little better gas mileage. Now maybe I'm mistaken if what I say is not true but lets look at the 96 cobra. DOHC motor. 4.6 motor producing 305 hp. hmmmm.... If I recall the 95 cobra (last of the 5.0s) produced 240 hp.
    Well some of you would say oh thats due to intake, exhaust, heads, blah blah blah, you know what it also has 4 cams compared to 1. hmmm. Why would ford put 4 of them in there. Maybe they wanted to get some more cubic inches out of it. Or maybe because 4 is better than 1 it would produce more power. Makes sense doesn't it? But hey putting a 351 in the car is completely different then putting a 302 in. Why? Because theres so much of a difference between the 2. So we lost a some cubic inches from a 5.0 to a 4.6, big deal as most of you have already said. The car is made to have a 4.6 in it, leave it that way, because I can GUARANTEE you it will hold a better value and most people don't want a 96+ gt/cobra with a 460 that has been dogged to hell. I would say it is close to a national fact that most gt/cobras have been wrecked. There are few that haven't been. Many people can't tell, many people don't report it to carfax or their insurance companies. Be happy with what you have, the muscle car era of the 70s is over. Gas prices are going up to damn high to where a lot of people might not even want v8s or can't afford it. Think of this. How many of you would like to have an original classic mustang? One that doesn't have all aftermarket parts, and hasnt' been ran to hell? In 25 years your car might be considered similar to the classic cars. With the new 05 mustangs coming out we'll see less fox bodies, less sn95s. Every year I see less fox bodies. Why? Because they're either all wrecked, high-mileage, or in a salvage yard. Theres already less sn95s as well. All I'm saying is be happy with what you have. We're lucky we have Mustangs.
  13. Might want to look again, last I looked the 302 is alive and well.....and still available thru Ford Racing. Try attending a Fun Ford Weekend or WFC for some nice examples.

    Don't forget that pushrod engined Z06 (and future LS2) owners are pushing more power N/A than our very own beloved blown '03-'04 Cobras.
  14. pushrod?? :shrug: what the hell's a pushrod??? :nonono: :shrug:

    4.6>5.0 :nice:
  15. cubic inches not pushrod technology got that power.

  16. Cubes and high compression...thats why you dont see to many supercharged Z06 or LS1's, they dont like the boost.
  17. That is incorrect. '03-'04 Cobras dyno 370-380 rwhp as they come from the factory, ZO6's don't see those numbers, more like 330 - 340 rwhp. Despite their 405 horsepower rating they don't make as much power the the Cobra.
  18. My point was simply to show an example where pushrod platformed engines are still making considerable power even with newer technology available. Pushrods may be old news but they do work. I'd never own a Chevy (of course :D ) but in all fairness the LS1 engine is formidable and the Z06 is a strong car and a fierce competitor in stock form.

    YLW: Higher compression may translate into the need for lower boost levels but I wouldn't necessarily say these engines "don't like the boost" Look no further than the numbers Vortech's system for the 10:1 compression Mach 1 makes or even 5 lb boosted LS1 Vettes pushing 500+ rwhp.

    Sidenote: Ben, your dyno numbers for the Cobra seem a little high, at least according to svtperformance.com's stock dyno poll last I checked. I was also under the impression the 405 horse vettes put 360'ish to the ground, but if not I stand corrected - I had their engine rating in mind when I posted :nice:
  19. Yea about 5-6 psi is about all that engine will take. with a low compression 03 cobra block people are putting out 25 psi safely on pump gas from a kenne bell supercharger. I garantee thats more power than the ls1 is putting out without breaking something. From the factory the ls1's are badass but its all n/a power. the ohc engines from ford are basically made to take boost.