TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. Looks like we are getting closer. Another option is Fatman. They are coming out with a kit that uses the struts from a late model Mustang, and a r&p from an escort. The benefits are that, one its a complete bolt in affair, two we can use any of the stock brake systems from the late model 'stangs including the 13" Cobra, and three a hell of a lot cheaper than TCP. Just a thought, I noticed it in a Super Rod mag and have been bugging the staff at Fatman for the past month about it, they said sometime in Sept.


    Oh ya, and you can opt for the airbag strut suspension as well.
  2. Here's a couple of pics of the Fatman system



  3. how much does the fartman system go for?
  4. They are saying $750 - $1000. That includes x-member, lower arms, steering arms to mount to spindles, steering shaft pieces (I think), coil-over kit, springs (I think) and upper strut mounts. You supply the rack (81-86 Escort), and 5-lug spindles w/ brakes from a SN95. According to them, you should be able to do the whole swap for less than $1500.

  5. The only part that "concerns" me, an a very ignorant way, is the performance of an ESCORT rack and pinion?

    Are these these tough enough for a 3400lb car, that has say 500hp, tricked out auto-x ready suspension that will push the car hard into a turn??? Hows the radius on such a rack unit, and general responsiveness and stuff.

    Again, I'm pretty ignorant on differences in rack unit - but when you say ESCORT - I think either "wimpy rack unit", or a "expensive rack, with a bodyguard waiting at the door" :D
  6. I can't comment on the Escort rack, but I was walking around the pick-and-pull the other day and there were about 4 Escorts with no motors in them. The racks looked like the MII rack I have. They looked beefy enough. There really isn't much to a rack though, any stress coming through the steering system ends up at the steering wheel. The 'give' is in your arms. How strong are you :)

    They supply new steering arms to bolt on to the spindles, so that should take care of the turing radius.

    I'd give FatMan a call and ask them. They are pretty helpful and knowledgeable on the phone.

  7. Fat Man Steering...

    I'm mentioning them in my steering article for the Hemmings Mustang book. Looks like an interesting system! They say it does the job, but I'd like to see one and drive one myself.

  8. summit sells new mstang II rack and pinion set ups for a couple of hundred.

    if they will fit into the fartman system though.

    i think i posted that earlier but i am to lazy to look.:doh:

    anyways, it sounds neat and its almost justifiable over stock.

    since it would cost right about the same to replace the stock set up.
  9. Fat Man Pics...


    I submitted the two Fat man pics for my article, since I am covering that system. OK to use? If you took them, and I use them, I'll give you photo credit.

  10. Those pics came from SuperRod magazine, August 2002 issue. It's probably illegal for me to post them without permission, never mind me taking credit for it. You should give them the credit.

  11. hi,im looking for inovative ways to do rack and pinion on a 69 mustang. i don't like the tcp(mostly the whole 2500 price tag. i have seen quite a few and am in the process of adapting the j-car unit from a 89 beretta gt(sport unit). i just want to know if there is anyone out there doing a mod that will fit.........i am more interested in the center take off (CTO) units then any eto or sto units just because the mounting point options with the inner tie rods.....seems to be the best so far. that is what tcp made anyway, seems to work for them........if there is a way to make the gear box, using the woodward servo like tcp, the rest is cake!!!the drive end or poiwer end is addapted from the woodward piston.hell that company will even make custom piston/rack shafts that will work!!!i have about a grand to do the research, and to make a kit that is easy to install without the extensive mods like a MII swap......anyhelp or ideas are welcome!!!i would also like to know if anyone out there knows of a car out there that uses a center take off other then the j-car and its brothers(deawoo uses one).
  12. CHECK OUT ! they have a r&p for vettes for only $1156 ! bolts on with out cutting etc I e-mailed them to check out this site! I hope they do and take a clue to build us some racks!
  13. They like chebbie people, but we can always wish. I too sent them an email. Let's see what develops.
  14. Glad to see you haven't forgotten about StangNet. I was waiting for you to post, as I subscribe to a couple of the same lists as you do and I already heard about the update. Keep up the great work. :nice:
  15. hi guys, i have been following this thread for quite a while now and i must say there are some pretty ingenious people here. i don't know if any of you guys have thought about this or not, but a dodge caravan rack will work pretty well. i know a guy here in town that has done a couple of them and they have turned out pretty nice, although i don't know about the bumpsteer factor or turning radius but i think they are minimal at worst. i know he was thinking about producing a kit at one time and was talking about selling them for around $1000-1200 complete and that is including pump and hoses (stock rebuilt pump nothing fancy)i will try to get with him sometime next week to see if can some pics for you guys and possibly setup a group buy if anyone is interested. it might even be a little cheaper if you don't the pump and stuff, although i don't think they ever made a caravan with a manaul rack i beleive it is possible to run a power rack with the power assist, just plug the hose ports, but i don't know how high the sterring effort would be. anyway i will get with him and let you guys know whether he is goimg to build a kit or not but if not maybe i can all the specs and such and we can build our own or mybe get corpsies bro to fab us up a crossmember and some brackets.BTW sorry it took me so long to get with you guys about this (i had a problem with my activation and was unable to post any replies, but i finally got that figured out tonight, it has been about 3 months now, guess i wasn't in too big of a hurry)anyway it's great to finally be able to talk to you guys, oh and by the way corpse you are doing so many of the same kind of things to your car as am too mine i fell like we may be long lost brothers or something
  16. Hey guys, what Sixto is doing has been done by a few guys before, but he has gone to alot of work to make it something that can be a kit.
    As you can see, speed direct has much better pricing then we are used to (TCP, etc...) and I bet this kit will be priced well too.

    As for the fatman kit, the front suspension is one of the absolute worst aspect if the fox body mustangs. You want something just like it on you car why?
  17. This is the BIG reason I like it here...

    Ahh, just love threads like this!!

    I love to see ingenuity in action!

    BNickel, please keep us posted on this new kit. I also keep these threads marked, and collect the info. Many people ask me about alternates to TCP, and with this info I can steer. You too, Sixto!!!

    If I gather enough new info, I can always submit a follow-up to my steering article, and highlight the new stuff!!

  18. ok guys here we go. my buddy said he can maybe start doing some kits but the price will be like $16-1700 for power (with everything including stock pump, hoses,rack, tie-rods, crossmemeber, steering column adapter, etc.) maybe less if you don't need pump and hoses. and for you guys who want go manual you're looking at about $13-1400 but these prices aren't set in stone or anything yet as far as i know. we may be able to get them cheaper if we get enough people to lay out some cash and i may even be able to get him to do a kit without the rack and tie rods for those who want to do some junkyarding or whatever. he does have some pics of a 66 he just did if he can find them i will try to get them posted. he has now done about 6 of these so it is apparently working out pretty well. i still don't know about bump steer and turning radius yet but will try to get that info form him this weekend. sounds like we may be getting closer on this deal. BTW i am not trying to steal any of sixto's thunder because his setup looks really cool and that will be another kick a$$ alternative to TCP as well, plus he is actually working with someone to get his mass marketed and my buddy is doing his on a semi-custom basis. but the more competition we can get into the marketplace the better it will be for all of us:nice:
  19. I know what you mean about competition.. And if that SpeedDirect place can price a mustang power R&P for the price they do the vette conversion for, then they are gonna do REAL well - cuz their power R&P system is like 1200.. And for 1200 for a power setup, I'd send the check out tomorrow..