TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. hey guys i just talked to my buddy again and he is going to check out this thread and some others i am sending him, so we'll see what he thinks about starting to sell these in kit form.i'll let y'all know what he says.
  2. I'm quite interested!

    I've had this thread bookmarked for a while. Definitely keep us posted.

  3. will do. maybe i can talk him into a set=up for my car for "evaluation purposes" LOL. but seriously any data i can get from him i will certainly let you guys know.BTW i talked to the guys at speed direct the other day and they told me they are definately going to build a kit but could not give me a time frame, because they have so many other projects in the works.the kit they are going to build is definately the one sixto has been working on, he has some correspondnce from them posted on his website. he has a really cool kit as well.i think i will probably end up going with my buddies setup, because i ahve seen his in person and it looks quite factory, you would really have to be looking for it to tell it has even been done and i really like that since my car is going to be something of a sleeper (well as much of a sleeper as a mustang can be, anyway)well i'll let you guys know what else i can
  4. hay cheapsk8

    just wondering when hemmings is gonna publish the artical on r&p? i can't wait!
  5. GENTLEMEN, if you are interested, I have my own machine shop, and would be happy to pound out anything you may need to make this rack work. I also own a 65-67-68-69-70-71 mustang, so I can custom fit pieces if need be.

    I don't think you should aim at someone elses design though, as it could get ugly in court. But a new design would probubly be OK. Just Ask if you need anything done..

    Just thought of something, I can buy most rebuilt racks for between$75 and $125 bux.

  6. how about modifying an existing rack?

    ok, this is what i'm thinking. this is gonna sound far out there at first but can you make a custom rack shaft? it would have to have the same teeth as the existing shaft.

    there are probs with the j-car rack that sixto is using. don't get me wrong his work is extrodanary ,if you try to mount it where he wants to, you have to have a 302 or 289. my 69 has no clearance for the servo because it is a 351w car and stock exhaust.i made his brackets and know this.this rack can be modified though. if you "rotate the access to the shaft where the factory tie rods mount. make it like tcps. check out the pic below, these are the mod needed. use the pic as a referance.
    1. hack the rack off at the indicated spot.
    2. thread as indicated
    3. make a custom shaft 2 inches longer to give you the desired travel of 8''. this would involve making the piston end longer as well as the teeth.
    4.make custome tubing for the housing 2 " longer.this will give you the freedom to rotate it so the rack can be mounted infront of the tierods like the tcp unit.

    if you look at the housing the custom tubing is east to make. as for the shaft, thats a different story. i will post pics as thi progresses............this is a cool site!
  7. this is kinda rough but it is a breakdown of what i want to do
  8. this morning i was contemplating trying to buy a wrecked new mustang and trying to remove pretty much the entire front clip to put on my project car.

    anyone know if this would be feasable? i havent had a chance to look under a new car to see how it all bolts up. so i am not sure if it would even be possible. :shrug:

    maybe though.

    i would think i would run into problems getting the frame rails (do they even have them?) to bolt up to the under body.

    i wouldnt think mounting the fenders would be all that hard. since they mount to the sheet metal at the top of the engine bay. that could be made to fit. and braced for support.

    i need to find a new mustang owner who would be generous enough to let me measure every part i can.

    i was also thinking of gutting the dash out as well. but thats another thread.
  9. someone on here has done that, i think he's from australia. if i remember right, it's a 66 with a 94-98 dash going in place. he had to cut the dash in 3 places to make it fit but he says it works. probably easier on a 67 [wider].
  10. I have not taken any measurements just eyeball. But I think the new T-Bird has better potential than the Mustang. Mind you all I been comparing is the width wheel to wheel.
  11. Ideas...

    This is one of the best threads!!

    HM: Any Mustang from 79 on is a front steer. The rack is backwards for our rear-steer cars. FAT MAN Fabrications is working on a kit to install a FOX style kit, but I think they too are keeping it rear steer. Thier site is and see if it is listed yet. I think previously in this thread the pros and cons of struts has been discussed.

    StreetGrande69, the steering article was published in the current issue. It covers all types of steering. To be honest, this thread is more specific on rack and pinion than the information actually printed. Like myself, bookmark this thread and follow along!! This is a great subject, and I pesonally have yet to see the "perfect" kit for our Mustangs. Many come close, but not yet, in my humble opinion.

    Worth, Calcat: KEEP DIGGING!! Maybe you guys can make the perfect kit! If I do it again, I have many ideas, but it centers on keeping rear steer, an offset rack, and "capturing" the original center link like the steering box. Hmmmmmm.....

    This thread gets the dancing bannana!!
    :banana: :banana: :banana:

  12. There's no such thing as plagiarism in engineering. What matters is whether your trying to make a buck off someone elses idea.
  13. "What matters is whether your trying to make a buck off someone elses idea."

    That may be true, but if they could prove hardship because we intentionally used a joint effort to reproduce there product, they may have a case. Besides, we don't have to copy anything they have done. We can build our own from scratch.

  14. Lets look at we have. Several people have a custom made rack in their car. List what the pros and cons are. together I'm sure we can come up with something. One thing that I keep seeing is BUMPSTEER. What is bumpsteer....a problem! How bad is the bumpsteer with the OE stuff? I see where CHEPSK8 is going. Fabricate a plate, bracket that the original tierods can bolt up to you might be on to something. Plus it would be cheaper. Hard to explain but you might catch on to what I'm saying. I'll try to come up with a drawing to show you what I mean.
  15. Re: Ideas...

    actually, for the last week when i get home from work and go to bed i cant fall asleep because i am thinking obout rack and pinions...:crazy:

    dont know why,
    probably because my mind is still going a million miles per hour but my body wants to go to sleep.

    i am actually thinking of cutting the front clip off of a new mustang including the floor pans. and welding it up to my 65.

    then i could use the front rack and the mod motor. plus the brakes, pedals, and hopefully try to make the dash fit.

    i have been looking for pics of gutted new mustangs. but i am having a hard time finding them.

    if at all possible i could use the new mustangs wiring harness on the old mustang. for the guages, motors.....

    i dunno, i need to find someone kind enough to let me measure the heck out of thier car.:D

    anyone know how wide a new mustang is?
  16. worth, can you cut gear? i want a custom rack shaft.let me know.i have a sample.
  17. worth, can you cut gear?

    Yes, are you talking about the Rack, or the Pinion? I have never tried to harden anything, so I'm not sure how to do it. I do have a friend, that I think can do it. I will try and get ahold of him,(he is the elusive welder). The machine work is no problem.

  18. i want to use inconel alloy 708. this has a tensel of 280,000. thats hard enough for this application. i would be able to supply material.
  19. sorry, the rack
  20. oh, and if you have never cut gears before, you need specific equiptment to do it on, has to be persion cut exactly.