Terminator vs. LS2 GTO

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  1. this might be too far off, but you could always look at the new Camaro coming out. It's riding on an updated Zeta platform (which is what the GTO is on) so you know it will drive nice, I'm sure they will offer the LS2, and it has the good looks. Although I'm sure it will be more then the either of these two cars you're looking at now. BUT....who owns a Mustang AND a Camaro...I think that's some sort of sin.
  2. That would be me. I have a 1996 Camaro as well as my 1995 Mustang. My dad has a 2000 Firebird. ;)
  3. I'd go for the GTO. I'm actually one of the few that think the car looks really slick, especially with the ram air hood. I've sat in them and they're just really nice cars. Nothing against the Snakes, but I really thinkg the GTO is a better car
  4. I really think the new Camaro is hideous.
    The host on the Forza Motorsport challenge drove up in one on every episode, and it didn't look half as good as the '69 Camaro that was in the competition.
  5. :D
    Did they really make camaro's after 1969?:shrug: IMHO, after 69 the camaro was, well, nonexistant.

    Anyway, the new camaro is going to be way overpriced and is actually ugly if you ask me. My vote is still for the terminator. Even though with more of you guys driving GTO's, it'll give me a little more enjoyment beating you at the track.:D

    If we're talking engine and tranny swaps, let just stick a dart based 438" small block in a new lincoln zepher. Horse Power and the luxury ride all in one. :nice:

    Not much chance of that though, huh?
  6. Pretty sure I heard a rumor about that. I'd get you some evidence, but I don't feel like driving to a junkyard or trailer park right now.:D
  7. COBRA 100% of the WAY!!!!!