Texas people......

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  1. Shouldn't it be Texan People?
  2. no, Texans are Teaxans. Texas people=people from Texas

    Austinite here
    ATX livin it up
  3. and DAMN proud of it! i figure i'll spread my seed down here for a few years before heading out west to do the same. its my plan for world domination.

    actually the reason i'm staying down here is one of those gorgeous women i was talking about. i got out of the service three months ago and decided to stick around to be with her.

    i actually had a guy stop me and say how "awesome" it was that i opened the door of my stang for my girl to get in. apparently he saw my license plate and just couldnt believe that a yank would do such a nice thing. i guess that lets me know how y'all really feel about us. :mad:

    jk man, i like it down here, but home will always be home. there are goods and bads about any state, but theres nothing wrong about being proud of where you're from. :flag:
  4. Thats funny because theres no keyhole on the passenger side door. Ive always figured mustang engineers were not the gentlemen type due to this added 'feature'. It sure gives me a great excuse for not opening doors though. :)
  5. i have keyless entry :rolleyes:
  6. I'm Ron Burgundy?
  7. rednecks are southern white trash and imbreds are northern white trash (i.e. viginia)
  8. There's also redneck inbreds from ARK

  9. :lol:

    theres always exceptions to rules :rlaugh:
  10. and every things bigger in texas right? :rolleyes:
  11. You can't qualify unless you were born and "reared" in ARK
  12. dey tuk er jobz!
  13. :lol: :rlaugh:
  14. Give Me TP needs to shut his PP.
  15. Uh-oh....a chickin plucker's in the house
  16. Correctomundo.

    I sense a "state" of jealousy;)
  17. Never....I would have used a word that rhymes with "plucker" but didn't want to offend anyone
  18. Fort Worth too! Do you go to the GTG at the Sonic on I-35W/Basswood on Tuesday nights?

    I just got a "worry free" state inspection on Bryant Irvin Road today. I hope the guy is still there this time next year! :)
  19. Exactly.