Texas people......

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  1. Halfway between Houston and Galveston. Don't live in city limits, and none of the 3 counties claims the area, so no cops. The only people breaking the "law" out here are those going less than 5 mph over the speed limit.
  2. Belton, TX
  3. here in texas

    heh...all my exes live in texas...

    anyways im from the good old state of texas as well.

    <--- copperas cove texas to be exact
  4. Houston , Born and raised!
  5. Wylie Texas, kinda NE of Dallas a bit.
  6. Lubbock here! This is my first post here in a long time:SNSign:
  7. Texas Traveler!

    I am in Deep East Texas about 40 miles from Louisianna.
    As a side product of my former jobs I have lived in Lubbock, Borger, Tyler, Seagoville, Duncanville, Texarkanna, Longview, Kilgore, Henderson, Jacksonville, Lewisville, Oak Cliff area of Dallas and Denton! Also did a few Arkansas and Louisianna towns. Now I live in Hallsville and get to play with way too many Mustangs and other stuff!
    Mustang list: Convertibles, 69, 70, 84, 84 (Turbo GT), 87, 2 91s.
    coupes: 67, 3 69s, 2 70s, 71, 74, 85, 2 91s, 95.
    Fastbacks/Hatches: 3 69s, 70, 76, 86, 91, 93.
    Others: 3 Turbo-coupes, 1966 4 door F-350, Austin Healeys, Dune buggy, go-carts and 3 wheelers. Motorcycles and some really boring stuff to get to work.
  8. Where's everybody

    Hey guys, San Antonio here, Iknow there's more mustang owners in texas than this. Heck there's more Mustang owners in S.A. alone. Where's everybody at!

    95 GT, DSS 357(6.0)tremec,373, etc... etc... etc..
  9. Welcome

    Welcome jorge.pena,
    I agree, have returned to Texas, but when in Seattle, the NorthWest Forum was alive and fun. Look at the numbers of Threads & Posts vs. the different regions. It tells the tale.:shrug:
  10. Question for you

    Hi there, I've been thinking about building a Cobra replica but I hear some of the kits out there are not all that great, if you don't mind me asking, was your's a good one and if so who did you get it from.
  11. jorge.pena

    That is a huge topic.
    But first, mine is very old school (Now some tell me this is starting to add value, collectible?, can you believe that?) as it is a Butler (purchased from Steve Arntz, originator of this flattery) and quite rare. The body is 1/2" thick most places, durable yet heavy by today's standards. For it's era, I'd say a very good one. I bought it cheap as a hand me down which never saw any progress. Basically, a basket case with missing parts. I purchased it in Renton, WA.
    They all say, "do a lot of research".
    I say you most probably get what you pay for. This market is priced from $8K to $100K and probably higher still.
    A lot boo Factory Five, but I disagree. There are a very few shady outfits left in this industry.
    Here's a link; http://www.automotive-links.com/mak/for/cob.htm
  12. to sbfordever

    thanks for the info and the link, I'll check it out.
  13. H-town, baby! wuts really good?
  14. HOLEY SMOKES BATMAN!!!!:jaw: Thats a LOT of cars....you currently have them or buy em and sell em and buy em and sell em?????
  15. Hey guys, when you open the South West forum there's a message on top by bandit, those of you in the S.A. area might want to check it out.
  16. From Garland (East Dallas) but goin to school in Austin.......
    How Bout Them Horns Baby!!!
  17. From the great metropolis of Abilene here!
  18. Hey WOT1320, I bet you've surprised the heck out of a few people with that 408. A question for you, what tires are you running on the back of that thing and how are they working for you. I only have 357 c.i. and I have major traction problems. I'm running GForce and smoke em like there not there, so I'm checking around before I go and plunk down a couple hundred bucks a tire.
  19. Dallas here. :flag: