Texas people......

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  1. Yep, check out San Antonio Raceway in Marion when you get here. Pretty nice track.....
  2. newb from the deep south texas!
  3. Im in far east Plano, its practically Murphy TX.
  4. I live in Lumberton, just north of Beaumont. I originally hail from Claremore, OK and moved to Texas about 3 years ago. I am a member of the Wild Horse Mustang Club.
  5. GEEZ! I wondered about that but didn't know if it was just some kids or what not that meet up there at that Sonic. Figures all the stangers are hiding from me! lol:rolleyes:
  6. Me, I representing Houston & Flatonia Texas ! :SNSign:
  7. Other than the time I spent in the service, I have always lived in Texas. Houston, College Station, and for the last few months Dallas. Actually Richardson but close enough.

    So does anyone get together around here to hang out or take road trips to the strip???
  8. fort worth crowley area

    right here
  9. Lubbock land of boredom.
  10. Old school member back in a Mustang again....Also from Texas, San Antonio to be exact....
  11. North Central Texas here....Wichita Falls to be exact.
  12. Bridge City, Southeast Texas, Beaumont area
  13. san antonio here, member of the local unitedstangs sa chapter:hail2:
  14. Anudder H-Towner Here !

    Live on SW side, work on NW .

    SO -

    get to do 20 miles 2 & from work - sometimes even get to play a little !


    Speaking of -

    anyone know of a Yellow 2005 + Roush w/ dubs and the plates GAINS 1 ?

    Cool guy - got to play Beltway chase on the way home , but never got to go side by side. :(

    Did get to exchange :nice: , though.

    At any rate, I am curious as to how fast we got as I had the tops off, and my ( fortunately ) empty DP can decided to migrate to the passenger floorboard during said jaunt ...:p

    Later !

  15. san antonio with a 69 convertible 351 c
  16. :stupid: My parents live in Monticello. I grew up in Arlington, and am in Waco right now for school :puke:

    P.S. How's the Freebirds in Lubbock? You enjoyin' that s***?
  17. Been to Freebirds a few times and so far so good.
  18. I'm going to Freebirds in like 10 minutes :) (the one in Fort Worth)
  19. from houston texas
  20. Put me down for College station, TX

    Anyone know where to get an inspection around here?? ?!?!