The 306 Dyno Challenge.

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  1. The $5000 306 Dyno Challenge.

    A friend of mine have a dyno challenge getting ready to take place and it's a $5000 challenge. I would like to make it public right here so there is no way either of us can get out of it.

    Now before I enclose the challenge PLEASE no flaming here. My friend is like a brother to me so I don't want any bashing in this thread. He will be reading and replying to this thread. He is out of state so I can not be present at the dyno session.

    Here is why the challenge is on. He claims his 91LX can make no less than 450HP at the wheels on a dyno jet. Now here's the combo.

    Production block bored to 306 cubic inches 0 decked.
    Forged pistions
    11:1 compression
    Edelbrock RPM 6025's with I believe Stage I or II porting with bowl work.
    GT 40 Intake with lowered gasket match porting.
    Lunati 50017 camshaft I believe straight up.
    Scorpion 1.6 rockers.
    70 MM Throttle body.
    80 MM Mass Air
    30Lb injectors
    1 5/8 Long Tubes
    2.5 inch H pipe
    2.5 inch 3 Chambers dumped
    No underdrive pulleys
    Timing at 14 degrees I believe
    No Tuning device

    The reward is this. If 450HP is acheived at the wheels I pay $5000 and for the dyno session.

    The rules are this. No combo changes, No power adders of any kind, No photoshopped documention. Proof and documentation must be provided and confirmed by reputable shop. As many dyno runs as needed to acheive goal and a few other details.

    I post here in the FOX forum for this purpose. You 306 guys please post your combo and dyno numbers for comparison. Thanks for reading.
  2. There's just now way he's going to see ANYTHING over high 300's fly wheel..MAYBE 400...but that would astound me.
  3. This sounds interesting, subscribing...

    When will the dyno session take place?
  4. this is a thread that I'll definately follow
  5. Hmm... to the rear wheels I would guess 360-370ish. If it were a 347, it definately would be possible. You should be safe in assuming that you can keep your money.
  6. Agree, mid 300's @ best with no power adder or juice.
  7. what if he doesn't get 450? do YOU get 5 grand?? you didn't say the other end of the deal.... did you forget, or is it a one way deal (couldn't be lol)

    Paul Perreca
  8. Not a chance in hell.
    My vote? 341 rwhp.
  9. No chance he'll make 450 at the wheels with that combo.

    He needs one really heavy cam and some eddy vic jr's with a spider manifold rev that little b1tch to 8 and then it'll make 450 at the wheels.
  10. Well he won't be seeing $5,000:)

    I say this guy will put out anywhere from 320-335rwhp (not knowing what accessories are deleted?)...
  11. I'd be suprised to see much over 360.
    As stated above, it's going to want rpm to make 450, and, with a GT40intake small exhaust, and a 6250 limiter... not happening.
  12. i would like to get in on this bet with him too :rlaugh: mid to low 300s would be my guess
  13. My Reward has yet to be discussed.

    You should make him give you $5000 if he doesn't make it. :D
  15. I'll say the same thing i said in the talk post. Nothing impressive with the mods there. I wouldn't expect much more than 300 to the wheels.

    A port matched gt40 does not support anywhere close to that much power NA.

    3.Lunati 50017, Valve Lift Intake w/1.6 rockers-.500, Valve Lift Exhaust w/1.6 rockers-.510, Duration Intake (at .050)-218, Duration Exhaust (at .050)-226, Lobe Center-112, Emissions Legal-No

    Not an impressive cam either.
  16. I had a buddy of mine put down 380 rwhp on Anderson Ford in Clinton IL's dyno. But this was a carb'd 306 with a damn good set up, i forget what specifics he had done. But i know the guy that built it for a EFI set up was mad since he beat the motor that guy now has (331 efi), shows that carb set ups have as much or more potential then some of the EFI set ups.

    Ill try and get the dyno sheet posted up for you all
  17. keep in mind that it is very easy to fudge dyno numbers on the dyno.
  18. :nonono: double post :(

  19. Thats true if you ran it in a gear other then your 1:1 it would be pretty easy to look like you had some serious #'s
  20. or if you change the ambient temp or altitude correction factor's very easy to get 150 extra