The Awesome 89 Mustang! Post Yours Here!

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  1. :lol: mike's an 89 wannabe ....

    well the first was a 64 1/2 ... but 89 was always called 25th... got a badge ... 25th... simple...

    'Since it was introduced five months before the normal start of the 1965 production year and manufactured alongside 1964 Ford Falcons and 1964 Mercury Comets, the earliest Mustangs are widely referred to as the 1964½ model.'

    anyway this threads about the Awesome 89 and its dominance in longevity/ number folks taking care and pride in them...
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  2. My '90 had a badge.
  3. Please leave this topic.
  4. 2000 gt...
  5. This thread didnt take long to derail itself
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  6. How many tacos for it?
  7. mike, uh, if you read the banner and thread you'd know we're discussing 89 mustangs.. not model, not engine, not anniversary... also 2000gt posted his 89, glad to know your 1990 has a badge and can also be a 25th... however it is not an awesome 89 ....

    @mods can you please clean up the non 89 relevant stuff... i think sharad's post is relevant and discussions about giving an awesome 89 a new home is fine for thread if fine with rules...

    Thanks 89oem !

    EDIT: BTW mike @90lxwhite i do like your car and enjoyed your vortech build.....
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  8. My 1989 with 95k at the moment uploadfromtaptalk1401631273307.jpg
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  9. I feel ya. I've been in the LateModel Mustang scene since 1986, and this is the car that I've always dreamed of building ever since the Outlaw days in the 90s. But if this project taught me one thing, it's "be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it." The car is amazing, and it gets my pulse racing faster than anything I've ever ridden or driven... but it comes with plenty of drawbacks too. The car is not practical to actually use (driving it anywhere), and every time I LOOK at the car, it costs me at least $1000. (@84Ttop knows what I'm talking about) Case in point- my SFI chassis sticker is out of date, as is the driver's harness. That along with the Radial Pros I need for the next track outing- over $1000. I could easily be driving a BRAND NEW Porsche 911 for what I spend on this car, and I never drive it! It's just ridiculous. Time for someone else to enjoy it. Someone who will actually take it out and race it.

    But as I said before, and with regard to this '89 Mustang thread- this car is/was my absolute dream car. The Foxes will always have my heart.
  10. Well said. While it has always been my dream to have a super fast Fox that can be street driven;however, the cons far out weigh the pros. As you have said, the car sits in the garage most of the time and literally costs 1,000$ if you want to do anything other than wash it. Just like you, it is super exhilarating to drive/race the car but fast as the high comes so does the low... seriously! I am also looking forward to getting my feet wet with the 2015 and cruising the newly acquired Galaxie. My 84' won't be going anywhere any time soon but I need to draw the line of expenses somewhere with it.
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  11. Hooray for 89? :scratch::hide:

    I fail to see why 89 is much better than the other years. Why again are they any better than the 88' Cali 5.0 that I have? Or the 25th year 1990 Mustang that got a badge & MAF? Your first post gave MAF and anniversary as the reasons 89 is "more" special than other years. I'll give you tilt steering w/ no airbag.

    Also, the 25th "anniversary" by Ford for the Mustang was no better than the husband that forgot it's his 25th wedding anniversary until at the 11th hour and bought his Wife some Dorito Locos Tacos. It was a FAIL.
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  12. @Sharad
    So what money pit do you have your eye on next?
  13. It's better because I and others own them... no other reason...

    As stated there are allot of 89's still kicking and allot on here and maybe it would be nice to see them all in the same thread...

    start an I got an 88 cali thread....

  14. 89s are special they have MAF, no airbags, 25th anniversary, and they are THE latest mustang out there that can claim to be from the 80's.
  15. The 2015. Hoping to be ProCharged before the end of the year.

    Agreed. The '89s certainly occupy a special place in my heart!
  16. some pics of my 89
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  17. Sears got some free advertisement
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