The Awesome 89 Mustang! Post Yours Here!

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  1. Here's mine. I pretty much just need paint... which may never come.
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  2. I am laughing so hard at this analogy!
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  3. Price list difference for new 2015 Mustang, $10,895 more for the 50th Anniv. edition. That's an expensive pin they stuck on the dash this time huh? Or maybe they're getting it right this time.

    • Mustang GT Premium Fastback - $36,100
    • Mustang GT 50th Anniversary - $46,995
  4. And still no free taco ..... lol
  5. i dont no if its the factory blue stripe or the wheels but i love this car more and more every time you post pics. So subtle yet mean looking.
  6. Thanks. Maybe because there's a subtle rake. The car is completely stock from an engine and drivetrain point of view. The car is lowered and of course has the wheels.
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  7. Mines an early 89, no dash plaque. Mine had a dealer installed XXV stripe kit, that I have seen 3-4 other times. All were white/red 5.0 hatches and I believe all had AODs and every option besides power seats, leather and sunroof.
  8. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1402005596.396854.jpg I held off way to long to not whore . mine is a 25th car 140 speedo with power , ac , defroster and cruise was originally red interior aod car .

    I gotta pop holes in my new dash for the horse to be installed
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  9. Need a 25 Year plaque? I have one if you want it. Or I could be a poseur and put it on my dash and tell everyone I have the coolest year Fox ever built! :rlaugh:
  10. nice car! the dealer association of the Carolina's had 500 Carolina 25th special editions... sounds similar to what you described... here's a google pic

  11. Thank you for the generous offer kind sir but I have one off my porno red dash :)
  12. 89OEM, that's close but not exact. It had three small stripes, a thick on in the middle and a pin stripe above and below. Just behind the door the middle stripe ended and it had an XXV then continued again. It ran aling the rear 1/4 as well.

    I actually incorporated an XXV into my current red pinstripe, as a little throw back to what the car used to be.
  13. Here is a crappy old photo of my car I found online. The stripes are not on the fender behind the front tire because I had a bit of rust that I cut out and fixed there and never redid them.

  14. And taken today in my garage. Just out the new catback on... Had to lose the dumped mufflers.

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  15. It's loud. I like it, but it might not be for everyone. I took a video of when I first fired it up but it won't seem to load into photobucket. The tailpipes are a little goofy looking as well, but I was tired of the dumped mufflers.
  16. Can't seem to stop drooling on my
  17. I want to make a suggestion to you, the paint looks OK but what really detracts is the trims. Get some of the black trim paint, tape off carefully and you can paint the trim around the door glass, then for the back and front windshield you can pull the trim off and paint it, and for the back side windows you can get some stuff that should replenish the black look, temporarily but it will help. Overall the car will improve alot with very little investment. Having a fox with original paint is awesome.
  18. Never got to posting a photo of this...

  19. Welp, I went and did it. Finally listed my '89 for sale. :( (on fb)