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  1. Hey, BBFCM is back!

    Dad..bald... :rlaugh: All though his hair is thinning and he doesn't want to belive that it is... :p

    :nice: Good to have u back BBFCM, my card will get up to you when the almighty cheap one whom feeds me ::smirk:: and what not mails it.

    I'm in school and the bell is gonna ring, so a short post for now.

  2. "Slammed" by my own Daughter!

    Ahh, Kids.... :bang:

    Deanna, just for that, no dinner tonight! :nonono:

    BBFCM, watch your snail Mail P.O. Box. BIG encelope arriving from my work!
  3. Would you have me believe that you cannot put a .37c stamp on an envelope and drop it in a mailbox? :scratch:
  4. Why should I use MY stamp, when I can use the postage machine at work????
  5. No reason, except my comment was directed at Deanna, who suddenly seems to need Daddy to do simple tasks for her!:D
  6. It's now Princess Deanna, as she has become completely unable to do menial chores anymore. Laundry, cooking, cleaning up, and bringing her Hamster cages back into her room are no longer acceptable. The only duties she now has at home is to watch as much "Animae" Cartoons as her brain can ingest, and IM ALL her friends simultaneously for a minimum of four hours a night.

    Boy, she's got it rough!
  7. :rlaugh: :lol: Bwahahahahaha, nice to see you're still the same ole Fritz! :nice:
  8. Unplug the cable, and leave her hamster cages on the back porch until she does her chores? :shrug:
  9. Just a little more ragged around the edges!:D
  10. D would have a royal tantrum if I put out her precious Ham-studs!
  11. YOU are whipped!:nono:

    By a 14 year old no less!:nonono:
  12. Update........

    I had a follow up appointment this afternoon with my doctor. The blood work they drew today is looking very good, and everything is progressing as well as he has expected it to!:nice::D:D:D:cheers::banana::banana:
  13. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. YAY! :banana:

  15. :nice: Great news man!!!!!!! :banana:
  16. Cool Dude! Recovery is imminent! STANGNET is Saved!!!

    Going camping this weekend! I'll tilt a beer for ya!
  17. Ya....we'll have to have a celebration here in the Spring when it gets warm.....You, RM, Pak, anyone else in the area.....Just be prepared to do a little metal work or wrenching between burgers, beers and dips in the bay!:nice:
  18. Good to see ya back good buddy...

    I missed a couple threads, I knew the cancer came back... did you have to do more radiation?

  19. No radiation, just chemo. Most recently I spent 32 days (Oct 12th - Nov 13th) in the hospital for high dose chemo and a stem cell transplant. I'm at home now recuperating, hoping to be able to return to work about mid-January.

    Maybe you should spend more time here on Stangnet, rather than dumping pizzas on your muddy truck floor, backing into light poles and doing burnouts in parking won't scare away the girls! :shrug: