Fox The Great Engine Bay Detailing Debate

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  1. I've googled, researched, and read countless articles and write up on this subject. There appears to be 10 ways from Sunday to do this but I wanted to get your take on it. I've spent countless hours and money detailing every inch of my Fox except for the engine bay. It's getting close to car show season and I really want/need to get this done. I'm just paranoid as hell that I'm going to jack something up if I go spraying a bunch of chemicals and water around in there. I came across a little steamer kit at Harbor Freight that I'm considering trying. What do you guys think?
  2. I think there's some stuff called Simple Green that you can spray over everything and then take a garden hose with an adjustable tip and lightly mist everything off and you should be good. I wouldn't worry about it too much. All my local used car dealerships just use a pressure washer full blast to "detail" engine bays.
  3. I use Simple Green and a water hose. I've done this for years on many different vehicles and I've never had a problem. Other than keeping it clean like this, I've never done much other detailing in the engine bay.
  4. Hot engine. Spray on simple green. Close hood. Wait ten minutes. Hose off.
  5. be very careful with a hose underhood. I would cover the distributor, coil, and any major electrical connections and make sure you don't get crazy with the hose on the top end of the motor.
  6. Same as me, although I will take a kitchen sponge and scrub some stuff. As far as covering stuff up, I never do and have never had a problem, but I always do tge bay before the rest if the car so it has a good amount of time to dry.
  7. I guess I'll bite the bullet and give it a shot next weekend. It's too freakin cold outside today. :(
    I'll just cover the major electrical components and take it easy with the water. Thanks for the input/advice.

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  8. Fyi. I dont even think of attempting this unless I can keep it in over 70 degree weather with the sun beating down on it the rest of the day or a fan blowing on it for hours after. I also use an air compressor to blow pooled water out as much as possible.
  9. Good point. I'll probably wait until the weather levels out here. It's 70 one day and 35 the next.:shrug:
  10. Yup good idea. And after its done get the engine up to operating temps again. Shut it off. Spray armor all or whatever dressing you use on the plastic in the bay amd close the hood. Let it bake for a while and wipe the excess. It comes out looking really good.
  11. I had a coworker hose off my engine one day many years back. The car barely ran on the drive home. Had water under the distributor cap. Not the end of the world, but made me more cautious when doing engine bays.

    On my daily driver I use an all purpose cleaner (meguiars) diluted down usually 5:1 or so. Hose on light shower setting. Careful around electrical item I lightly wet the motor. Spray everything (avoiding electrical items as best as I can), then go at it with some softer bristle brushes. Paint brushes actually work well to get in places. Brush, let it sit a few minutes and then light shower hose it off. I use air to blow it off if I'm set for it. If not I go with towels to dry most and then run the motor to dry it as best as possible. Sometimes I'll use a quick detailed around the bay, and a plastic cleaner product on the black plastics throughout.

    On my fox it is usually clean enough and shaved that I quick wipe, wax the metal panels, and a rubber/plastic shine product on those pieces.
  12. My fault, I should have been more specific in my post.

    A couple of things to note that I do. First, I always clean my engine in the morning, before it has been run for the day. I don't like to spray anything on a hot engine. Second, I do use low pressure on the hose and I'm very careful about how and at what angle I spray. And last, as soon as I'm finished, I start it up and close the hood and let it come up to temp. This seems to dry off everything pretty well.

    I apologize if my original post was misleading. I certainly don't want to cause anyone trouble who may try to follow in what I have done.
  13. I still have the stock rubber dizzy cover and the stock plastic coil schroud.
    Simple green the heck out of it when cold, spray rinse with a heavy blast, then go for a drive.
    I've even blasted it at the local high pressure spray wash with no ill effects.
    That is not to say the advice above should be discarded.

    Good luck.
  14. I still have the stock covers as well. :nice:
  15. My Dad told me to go get some "Pig Spit" that is sold at motorcycle stores. I went and bought a can and haven't used it yet. He said spray off the bay to get any major dirt off, give it a quick dry, then spray this stuff all over everything. He said let it sit, do not wipe it. He said he has done it, and it makes everything look new.
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