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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by hoopty5.0, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. It may have ran like ass, but damn does it sound good. I bet it's nice to have it on the road at least once. In the whole year I've had my car, I've only driven it twice.
  2. Brown truck paid a visit. Wideband, carb jets, and exhaust all showed up.

    .......Aaaand I am trading my AFR 205s for a Megasquirt PNP system and cash this weekish. Already bought some 42# injectors from Rick. Gonna slowly piece together this EFI system and toss the carb. I am disappointed that I didn't get to build the MS, but this way I know it works and all I have to do is plug and play :track: . The only thing I really need is an EFI pump, regulator and a return line. I should be able to sell the carb stuff to cover those costs.
  3. I may have missed it, but when did you decide to go back to EFI?
  4. I've always wanted to but the 427 came with everything for a carb. So I'm going to run it like it is until I get all the stuff for efi. Almost there...
  5. All of my parts are in. I am just lacking in the motivation department. Been landscaping all day trying to tame the jungle after being gone for a month. I could post pictures to be like RacEoHolic330 and hope for a Home Depot sponsorship. Hahaha

    Just not excited about re-wiring the car again (the right way)
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  6. So the heads are going bye bye but you've still got the 408 short block? what are you going to trade it for, I' ll go look in the garage to see what I got....:)
  7. I like the Wilwood brakes better than the Aerospace kits. I have had better success/performance out of the Wilwood set up. Just my .02 worth
  8. Heads are probably bye bye. You know how selling goes. Still need them?

    I am more than likely going to hold on to the short block, but money talks. I got tired of people kicking tires so I pulled the ads. Ideally, I want to put the 225s from the 427 on the 408 and run the 408 because I think it's better built. Who knows. I just want to drive the damn thing, so its going to stay as it is for a little while.
  9. I'll keep that in mind. Will they work with 15" wheels?
  10. Need them? No. Want them? Yes- If someone gives you money SELL THEM! I got doctor bills killing me right now among other things.. I'm kinda useless untill I get that all squared. Story of my life. I'm getting pressure to start building my son's car and I'm tryin to decide what to put in it. I'm kinda wishing I'd bought your old stock motor and wiring for it...You know what they say about hindsight...
  11. Yup.....but call Wilwood to verify fitment before ordering any parts.
  12. Yesterday was productive...

    Aside from hearing my skin sizzle from dripping liquid metal (didn't smell like bacon like I thought), I traded some roller rockers for a billet radiator overflow tank, traded my heads for a Megasquirt P-N-P system and some ca$h money, and almost finished installing my universal 3" x pipe. For anyone who might use one of these in the future, install it the exact opposite of the way I did it and it will go in fine. :confused:

    Also, the major pain here was the fact that I no longer own a welder. SO.... I had to measure and mark it, load it in the truck and drive 10 mins to my buddy's shop, weld it, drive home, fit it again, measure and cut next piece, load it up..... You see where this is going? It sucked.
  13. Exhaust is on. The Bullets quieted it down enough to hear the leaks on all 8 primaries at the heads, lol.
  14. I am gettin it DONE today. As of 6 pm, I have done the following today:

    -Installed relays for the fuel pump, ignition box, and water pump.
    -Wired the relays into the ignition switch so that I no longer have that hideous switch panel
    -Finished the exhaust installation
    -Retorqued the intake manifold to *hopefully* cure the phantom water leak
    -Installed the radiator overflow tank
    -Installed and tested the wideband. Idle reads 18sih, but as soon as you give it any gas it immediately drops down to the 11-12 range
    -Adjusted the fuel pressure and idle. Somehow they both crept up on me (???) since I was home last.
    -Wired in the electric water temp gauge

    I still have to look at the rear main area. Got a bad oil leak there. Also gotta make some minor "adjustments" to my inner fenders. Turns out my 275 drag radials don't clear as well as I thought they did.

    Tomorrow, I ****HOPE***** to get this thing on the road, open it up, and hope for the best. Look for a video or two tomorrow :poo::burnout::poo:
  15. I might add, the driving force behind my motivation is the following video. I love their videos - - - -

    I watched it twice today. Once in the morning and once at lunch.. . . and then as I type this, so 3 times. :shrug:
  16. I drove it around the block today. I'll call it the first successful trip. No fires, leaks, stalls, etc. I'd call that a win in my book.

    Oh, it's ridiculously loud. I should have forked out the money for some nice Magnaflows instead of cheaping out on the Bullets. Oh well, the neighbors can suck it.

    I did get on it a little bit. I thought it would sputter and maybe attempt to go fast, but no. No no no. I hit the seat hard and yelped in surprise. It moves.

    Ill put up some videos and such tomorrow assuming it doesn't rain.
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  17. What!!!??? Did you say it had throttle response? Throttle response from an old, soggy, 20th century technology Carburetor, right outta the box?

    Save your fears, and concerns for a sputtery, sloppy start for the learning curve that'll come w/ the FI junk you've been amassing on your shelves.:jester:

    And it's ridiculously loud you say?....I could hear it over here.

    Damn kids, in their damn loud assed cars,.....Outta be against the law,...loud assed cars:fuss:
  18. Yeah! the AFR was @ 11.0 part throttle, so I am currently reading the adjustment instructions since I have never messed with a carb before. Once I lean it out a little tomorrow it should run like a raped ape.
  19. Yeah, that btch is going to try to swap ends on you. Remember *Steer into the slide!:nice:
  20. Yesterday, I tried to make a little video about all the work I had done, but instead filmed a giant FAIL.