The new picture all cleaned up...

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  1. Copy the url after opening it in another window, place it between [​IMG] without any open spaces, like this:
    BTW, scary thought, cops getting a new stang before me... :(
  2. Thanks! much better!
    Well tha last Stang Police car that i saw was a 99' Mustang, its on the mustang weekly page.
    do you think they'll donate some???
    what else could I add to it?
  3. Try this...
  4. Decorate it as you might, it still looks like A$$. :notnice:
  5. Coming from someone who drives a 91 Fox,
    isn't that like the kettle calling the pot black :D

    Just messing with ya.
  6. Let me make it up to you, here are some new Boss 302's to get away in... :D
    Click on pic to see all my colors on my site.

  7. Coming from someone driving a V6 doesn't that statement not matter??

    Just messing with ya. :D
  8. (smacks Jay's avatar) ;)
    I think I can take em', he's dead afterall... :p

  9. Careful he comes in swinging!
  10. What about a SALEEN?

  11. If there is one hope for making this car look good then Saleen is probably it. I'm sure they car cooking up something as we speak.
  12. [​IMG]

    That is probably the only white car I would ever drive. Beautiful. Awesome work man.
  13. No harm no foul :D
  14. :shrug:
    Couldn't help but notice that in the first few posts here, you really make sense :rolleyes:
  15. Uuuuugh, fire stick baaaaaaad!!! :p

  16. if you are referring to how I typed CAR instead of ARE there is an easy explaination for that. I was at work and my boss was walking into my office. I really don't do much at work.
  17. Yes I was talking about that, but also that I totally disagree w/ you.
  18. How about some SVT Cobras? :D
    click on pic to see all colors on my site.
  19. :rlaugh: Steve Saleen is good at alot of things, looks are not included. Saleen Mustangs (I think) are some of the ugliest mustangs ever to roll. Stupid Louvers
  20. the new stang treads just a little too close to a mustang 2 in my humble opinion. that said, dress up the hood like the concept, put in a healthy V8 and make it aftermarket friendly and I could get really excited.