The new picture all cleaned up...

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  1. Sweet job lowering the stang, love the hood scoop!!!

    Crazy looking with the color shift paint, good job!

    I was thinking of doing a lowered body version, but now that you did that gold stang I can see how sweet it looks. :D
  2. Anyone notice the difference between the drivers side headlight and the passenger side?

  3. Thanks. I think it looks alot better lowered. The hoodscoop is off of a 02 GT. :nice:
  4. Those rims suck. Can someone make one with some chrome 5-spokes?

  5. Ok, I have seen 2000 Cobra R's, 2003 Cobra, Mach's, Bullitt's, Both versions of the concept wheels in several different colors. So exactly which set of rims sucks? Or do all of them suck?

    We have all be treated to a look at the future thanks to some very talented people. Before you feel the need to tell us all what sucks about their hard work, perhaps you should be thankful they even did the work in the first place.
  6. I guess they weren't bling bling enough for him!!! :D
  7. oh, that's beautiful.
  8. Hi; I need the advice of a Photoshop guy. please write me an email or pm me. thanks!
    [email protected]
    I have something in mind.
  9. Somebody make one with a shaker hood! :)
  10. [QUOTE='02~'vert~GT]Somebody make one with a shaker hood! :)[/QUOTE]
    The machs dingus
  11. some1 make a mac truck 18 wheeler
  12. Which one? :shrug:
  13. Pics have been updated. New grills thanks to chaz, deleted driving lamps on machs, new wheels on shelby's and machs, and new lower stance on all cars. my stang page
  14. Just a suggestion. But could you perhaps try putting a chin spoiler on the front of the Mach? Flat black would look nice.

    Those pictures are looking good! :nice: :hail2:
  15. I'll try coming up with a chin spoiler that looks good... ;)
    More pics!!! :D Boss's, afterall, pontiac is bringing the judge back... :rolleyes:
    Click on pic to see all my coclors on my site.
  16. Hi guys I'm working on one nice 05 stang, that I hope they dont come out with.
  17. Mmmm...2005 Mystic Mach...i'm in love!!!

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  18. if you dont have a vert version of your own you definately have permission to use mine on ur site :D
  19. You don't want to run it to this car!
    Do you think Ford will donate one?
  20. How do you make it display on the screen rather than the link???? Not Cool!!!