The Official MACn89blckstng Progress Thread

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  1. wow... i'm air humping in the general direction of this thread
  2. Looks great! You sure did do a good job spraying, taping and clearing that bumper and the other stuff. I love that color silver....usually, I am not a fan of that color. Keep it up!
  3. Nope no booth yet. We only do restorations so we don't use a booth everyday. All of the paint jobs we do get sprayed at another shop. But we are expanding and having a new building put up thats gonna have three bays an a booth for the body shop and then use the existing shop now just for the mechanical side of things.
  4. Just finished up the rear bumper, came out nice.
  5. So fkn bad assss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Looks perfect!!! Keep us posted with every bit of progress.
  7. DAMN that looks nice!!!! can't wait to see the rest :nice:
  8. Thanks guys! I plan on painting the skirts tomorrow night and having the wing and the hood painted by saturday! Workin on getting a date to get the car in a booth now! It's getting there! But after its painted I am going to need a windshield, weatherstripping (500 bucks!) and fab the door panels! At least after paint I can put the interior in and get that finally over with!!!
  9. who you going with for the weather stripping softseal is a good company from what i hear.
  10. I was gonna get it all from 50resto but I'll look into soft seal! Thanks!
  11. 1. The weather strips for the doors, I used from 50resto for Hack Job. First, it's longer, so you need to fit it well, then make your cut. Secondly, it was too thick and bulky, so you really had to slam the doors. I put the factory stuff back on from the 81 (which was mint) and it was fine. I went with the mid grade. They had cheap, mid and Ford original. I'd opt for the Ford stuff if you go thru them.

    2. I see on the Cobra cover that there are only two slim tabs, opposed to a GT cover with the four tabs on the bottom. I know there is are some brackets that clip to the cover, then attach to the rebar for support. What are you going to do, make up your own brackets? I wanna go Cobra rear on this build I got now, and am just wanting to know before I order one from 50resto.
  12. The Cobra rear cover attaches with two supplied brackets that come with the bumper from Cervinis. They attach to the two gas tank strap mounts.
  13. The ttop seal set is 407 bucks. I need to find out what that includes. The 9 peice from 50 is 280 something. I want good seals. It would be cool to be able to bring this car through a drive through car wash and not have any leaks or anything, (Not that I would ever do that to this car.) I just want it to not leak in case I get stuck in a big rain storm!
  14. Drive thru car wash......WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!!!! STOP!!!! :rlaugh:

    HAHA...glad to see you wouldn't do that. That's too much time into paint. Thanks for the info. Chrome Rust is supposed to get back with me on a used one, but I haven't heard anything. So Cervinis will be the place to get it....versus 50resto if I go new?
  15. Yea I've seen a design concepts rear cover and that was a pretty nice peice too. But I would just go for Cervinis, they fit so nice. Easy prep too!
  16. Congratulations Mac'n89Blckstng 2010 FOTY Winner!!!

    sorry, just a prediction :nice:
  17. cant wait to see this finished, love the color scheme!
  18. haha foty would be cool.

    I painted the hood and wing today, probably gonna redo the wing. It came out like crap. The hood is good but there is a whole lot of wetsanding and buffing required for it to look good. Oh well, at least the car will be in a better place for painting parts. I also popped the cobra grille insert in the front bumper to see how it looks, I can't wait to assemble this thing! Sorry for the bad quality pics, our shop digi camera broke this week.

  19. OMG That looks AMAZING!!!