The official wheel weight thread

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  1. Powdercoated 18 x 9.5 Y2K Cobra "R"s-->27lbs
  2. My 18" x 9" Chrome Saleens with Pirelli P-Zeroes (265-35-18) weigh in at 57 lbs. each. I would assume that the replicas would weigh about the same.

    My OEM 98 Cobra rims (silver finish) with 245-45-17 Nitto DR's weigh in at 49 lbs. each.
  3. Eh, I wouldn't really say slower, granted I don't just get in my car and do 1/4 mile runs to work, I enjoy carving the turns pretty hard. The lower profile tire and better grip from the khumo's allow me to do this much better now. Keep in mind I only went 1" wider, not 2" like your Explorer and I have quite a bit more HP than your explorer :). One day I may get to the track and actually see how much difference the 18's made, more than likely my 60's will be better in the 18's (better tires) but the ET will suffer.

  4. Chrome AFS 03 cobra wheels
    17x10.5 - 29lbs
    17x9 - 27lbs

    And here is a pic of the 99 Anniversary wheels
  5. The info is welcomed but on the main post I'm only listing ones without tires, because different tires weigh different ammounts...
    The info is welcomed though!
  6. TTT
    Curious about this as well^^^
    16x7" Ford "Waffle" rims. Anybody have a weight for these???
  7. or the 16" chrome pony's?
  8. :doh: :D
    I couldn't think of ALL the wheels out there..... come on guys...:D

    If someone can find a weight I'll add em on!
  9. are the weights of the steeda ultralites the same as the Ultralite 2's??
  10. I'm still around lurking mostly.
    As far as the wheel weight I don't know, I started this thread so people could post thier findings and have a general database of wheel weights, hopefully now that you asked someone who has the wheels or knows the weight will post. :nice:
  11. 18x9 Bullitt(Chrome) Deep Dish -29lbs

    18x10 Bullitt(Chrome) Deep Dish -30lbs

    20x8.5 Bullitt(Anthracite) Deep Dish -30lbs

    17x9 FR500(Chrome) -27lbs

    18x9 FR500(Chrome) -31lbs

    17x9 Konig Villain -21lbs

    18x8.5 Konig Maxxim -24.5lbs

    18x9 Saleen(Chrome) -32lbs

    18x10 Saleen(Hypercoated) -34lbs
  12. Damn I wouldn't think the Saleen wheels would be heavier than the deep dish Butllitts.. hmm.
  13. bbs rk 18x8.5 = 19lbs
    bbs rk 18X10 = 20lbs.

    i love my wheels:D
  14. 18x9 '00 Cobra R Replica Silver- 28lbs each
  15. Kazera kza/asa

    18X8.5 = 23lbs
    18X9.5 = 25lbs


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  16. AFS Chrome Bullitt 18x9 Front
    AFS Chrome Bullitt 18x10 Rear
  17. i wonder if the polished 18x9 00 cobra r's are any lighter then chrome/silver