The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by reenmachine, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Hi G,

    Reen and myself are going to race for titles when complete. I better get that Ford racing twin screw supercharger on order ASAP. :D

    OBTW, reen is doing just a fantastic job on this car. I really want to get our two cars together for at least one photo op.

    Keep up the good work

  2. That would be killer to have some photos taken together. Side-by-side moving shot emphasizing that these are "go" cars, not just "show" cars. :nice:

    Things are a bit slow this week as I've got a customer car here for a MII setup and perhaps a Cobra IRS. Gotta pay the bills! :p
  3. off topic, but i had my whole engine rebuilt by kar. very nice people, im lucky i live in columbus, oh so i can just drive on down. its one of those places where they call u by your first name and a place you want to spend your money.
  4. Very nice work. Any updates?
  5. Spent the last several days doing a MII setup in a customer's car. 13" 6-piston Wilwoods, QA1 coilovers, the works. It's pretty friggin' sweet. Next up on that car is a Cobra IRS followed by an '04 Cobra engine and 6-speed.

    Anyway, I'll be back on the convertible this week. I got the parts to convert it to a return-style fuel system and to do most of the braking system, as well as boring stuff like the complete weatherstrip kit. I'm also itching to crack into the Painless chassis harness.
  6. How about some pics of that MII set up you just did Reen???
  7. Ask and ye shall receive:

    The finished product:

    The 13" big brake kit fits nicely in the 17" wheels:

    He wanted long wheel studs and he got them :D:

    The brakes are monsters:

    Just had to show off the welds on the frame rail boxing plates:

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  8. wow, that is amazing work!!!!! i am very very impressed
  9. Bonus points for anyone who can pick out what's out of place on a '67 unibody in the first picture...

    (besides all of the MII stuff of course)
  10. shoot, hell if i know lol i am not familiar with all this new state of the art stuff :)
  11. Torque box on passenger side. :D
    So what did I win? :banana:
  12. You got it. You win a free set of hacked-up original shock towers for just $39.95 S&H. :p :p
  13. I sent you a PM about a week ago regarding some similar work. Haven't heard back.
  14. Sorry -- I missed the PM. I'll reply right now.
  15. Nice looking MII swaps.
    I MII'd my '70 back in '99. It was a junkyard sourced set up, and worked well.
    In '02' I redid it with parts from Street Rod Engineering. and now it works good, but looks better!
    Mine has a completely custom built front subframe.
    One issue is that with a 203 we all use the Fox body pan to get a rear sump, but even that pan has a sump up front to clear the oil pump.
    I have placed mine as low as I could without moving it forward to much.
    It seems to me that with a rear rack the Engine could go back and down a lot.
    In order to do this we would neeed the right rack, and aproporiate spindles.
    It looks like the Heidts superride rear steer would be teh perfect spindle for this.
    Any coments?
  16. On my fastback, I put the original 289 back in for now with the Heidt's MII setup. I put on the rear sump pan and still was able to get the engine pretty much in the original position. I left about 3/8" clearance between the pan and the rack.

    Interesting idea about the Superride setup with the rear rack. I looked at the pics and it may be doable. There'd be a bit more fab since it's not made to go in a Mustang, but so what. I'll ask them about it next time we speak.
  17. I've been messing with the fuel system and electrical system mods to the DOHC engine. I'm converting it to a return-style fuel system and there is a bit of a fitment issue with the Aeromotive fuel rails (see pics). I can probably make it work by bending the mounting tabs but I'm going to talk to them tomorrow to see if I was shipped the wrong thing or something. Anybody use these, or any other aftermarket fuel rail on a DOHC that fit?




  18. Looking at the geomtry, I am almost positive I could just mount a correct rack, those spindles, and make new motor mounts. I see no reason to use the whole superride suspension. Heidts makes it sound like it is more than a MII, but look at the geometry, they just use different mounts. It is rear steer MII.

    One thing I have found is that these hot rod companies aren't much for innovation. The can see somthing done once, and make some shiny implementations, but coming up with new ideas, that is rare.
  19. Wow, beautiful work reen. :drool:

    This is one of projects I have dreamed about, classic vert, Cobra mod motor, MII and IRS. Someday....