The Reenmachine DOHC '67 Shelby Clone Convertible Progress

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by reenmachine, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Excellent Photos

    Looks great :hail2: What magazine is it coming out in?

    I see you sold the car. :(

    Just about finished with my Super Snake 427FE! Maybe we can meet up at a show. What is your schedule?
  2. So what were the total number of hours put into the car?
  3. 1.3 gazillion. Honestly, I have no idea. I worked on it for 2-1/2 years, but nearly built two other cars at the same time in addition to a bunch of smaller jobs. Plus, it was away at paint for like 5 months.
  4. Just wondering

    Everytime I go and look at my car and it's still rough, I look at this thread and realize it will be done soon enough.
  5. endless wallet endless car beautiful car
  6. It's the cover feature in the October '07 issue of Mustang Monthly, which will be out any day now...
  7. Wow, what an absolutely incredible build! This is the first I've seen of it, and I think I've been deprived by having only just now found out about this thread. I saw it yesterday, but didn't really have the time to dedicate to 27 pages, and over 650 posts, but all I can say is wow. Reen, you are quite an incredible fabricator and car builder to say the least. I've thought of picking up a fastback and doing a 03-04 Cobra swap before, and here it is, minus the hardtop and supercharger. I know some of the purists would probably want to kill me, but damn, this car is just :drool:
  8. Are you aware of the maker of your console going out of business or changing business names? The site you posted does not appear to be the appropriate site any longer. Thanks guys.
  9. I got my copy of Mustang Monthly in the mail the other day. Congrats on making the cover, and the article inside! :nice:

  10. They just changed their name. The new website location is:

    If you tell me the post # I'll go back and edit it.
  11. Thanks! I've been getting calls and emails, but I haven't even seen it yet! It always takes longer for MM to make out here to the west coast...
  12. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. The post number is #422 I think, that at least gets you within a couple posts if it's not the right one. Thanks again.
  13. #422 it was, and edit made. Thanks.
  14. Reen, congrats on the cover and article spread :nice:

    I think they did a great job representing the approach you have taken to building this car and the pictures were great. This should help drive some brand awareness and garner some much deserved attention. It's great to see guys succeed at things they are passionate about, congrats!
  15. Here it is! There's a great 2-page pic on the table of contents and a 6-page feature. It came out great and I'm psyched on how they put it together.

    View attachment 361505
  16. It is a very nice article - Congratulations! :nice:
  17. Reen,
    Awesome, awesome job!!! :hail2: As a newbie / wannabe , projects like yours keep me going. Thanks for the inspiration!!
  18. Great article. Just picked it up and read it from top to bottom. Very inspirational to say the least. Congrats and enjoy it!
  19. Thanks! Hopefully it's the first of many. If you saw the real "behind the scenes" it probably wouldn't be nearly as inspirational -- more like "even a blind dog finds a bone once in a while" but thanks regardless! :rlaugh: