Fox The Road Less Traveled: To Wide Body Modify, Or Not.....

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  1. I've been thinking about it for a couple of days now.

    I'm almost positive that when it's all said and done, and I stick both 315's up in their respective holes that used to be wheel wells, and measure the span between each mounting surface of the wheels, the difference between that, and the actual length of that SN 95 rear I have is gonna be substantial.

    Originally,..I planned to narrow that rear, and convert the ends to the small bearing 9" pieces that I've had sitting new in a box for years now. The problem with that is there is only so much to be gained there, as you can only cut, and section the rear in the smallish space between the lower control arm mount point, and the housing flange. Compounding that, is the fact that doing that will bring the tire/wheel closer to said lower control arm mount point, probably to the point of contact.

    The other uhhh...."option," is that I cut a line along the quarter, and another in the outer wheel tub and "pull" the quarter out to create a bulge much like the Fox Capri.

    (And I said at the beginning of my progress thread that this car would have no where near the body work in it that the red car had) HA!

    If I choose that path,'ll happen up front as well, (same as a Capri)....The other concern being that the 255's will rub all over the inside/outside of the stock inner fender. To alleviate that, I'd sell the 94/95 spindles I currently have, and replace them w/ the wider 96 up pieces once the front fender is modified to allow that tire to clear.

    I'm gonna run the car ride height low...... top of the tires will be up in the quarters/fenders.I do not want any rubbing under any circumstances.

    This car is my reference: I want this ride height. Since I know nothing about it (other than I like it) I dont know if the tires are the same size as mine, and what he did to get his tires up in there ( other than pay Foose for a custom back spacing)


    This'll be my ride height. But I just cant tell how big those tires are...the rears look like they might be 275's....I cant even guess about the fronts.
    As opposed to a bulge,..I'm also considering cutting the stock wheel lips completely off the fender/quarter,...and adding an inch or so,...then welding it back on like they did on Fast and Loud, effectively creating a fender flare that should look stock when finished.

    The way they ended up doing it seems waaay to "West Coast Customs" for me,...and they did it to a Box top......the mirrored paint makes it hard to tell what it really looks like.

    Now I'm asking for advice here, so feel free to offer. Look down that side and imagine Capri-style bulges, or F&L flares and tell me what you think.

    Either way,..I'd rather not have to do anything If I can,..I'll leave the stock sheet metal alone, I just think that that isn't gonna happen.
  2. Wide body? Have you gone off the deep end? 1 vote for making what you have work!
  3. If you decide to go that route I would be interested in the 94-95 spindles.
    BTW im not to crazy about the bulged look in the one pictured. Im sure yours will look better though.

    Let me know!
  4. My opinion since you asked.
    1. Leave the wheel flares and body lines as stock as possible.
    2. Capri flares are cool.
    3. The wide curved flares interfere with the nice stock body line. Do not do this.
  5. Yeah, I feared.

    The tires sitting where I want them measure 58" back to back.
    A quick pull of the tape measures the 95 rear @ 61" hub to hub.

    That's 3" that I have to accommodate...What to do,.....what to do:nonono:
  6. Narrow the rear?
  7. What I "have" is a stock length, 4 lug 7.5" drum brake rear,...and a 95 3.73'd, T-loc'd disc brake 8.8. The 4 lug rear is presently on the curb, waiting on some scrounge hound to come by and pick it up.
  8. Looks like my only path if I am to keep the stock body panels (which I want). My concern is how much I can cut off between the axle flange and the lower control arm mount before the damn tire sidewall will start making contact w/ the control arm. I guess the next "mock up is to bolt a tire on the 95 rear, run a bolt through my new control arm into the lower mount, and see how much room there is.
  9. Look at me solving my own problems......I guess it just takes a minute of rational thinking before I fly off the handle and consider doing something as unorthadox as cutting the quarter.
    I pulled the stashed rear end out from under all of the junk I've heaped on it,...and bolted a wheel on the hub. Mocked up a lower real quick like, then.........:doh: took this pic:

    Now,...I know this is far from exact science,.....but seems to me that not only do I have a measly 1.5" to spare, I got like 3 times that. What the hell was I worried about?:shrug:

    Now,...I have two more options: I haven't looked closely enough to know if I can use the small bearing 9" housing ends so as to effectively get rid of the C-clips, send the axles to Moser to have it narrowed, splined and a small 9" bearing pressed on the stock 28 spliner (if it can be done)
    Just narrow the rear as is, and reuse the complete stock junk and (again) send the axle to Moser to have the axle cut, re-splined, and machined for C-clips at the new, shortened length.
  10. Why not move the lower mounts in? I cut 9" total out of my rear, moved the lower housing ends in and run offset lower control arms all to tuck a 315/60/15 no problem ;)
  11. I don't need to do that. There is enough stuff between the lower mount and the flange to give me maybe 2" w/o doing anything else.
  12. Or you could cut the car in two pieces at the center and widen the whole damn car!;):p Then you would not have to touch the axle!

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  13. I'm a little late to the party, but I'd be 110% on board with fender flares. If anybody could do that kind of body work justice, it would be you. I LOVE widebody stuff. Of course, I also hate cowl hoods and love it when people cut holes in hoods, which is Mustang blasphemy for most people.
  14. Are you thinking majere flares or making your own?
  15. Well...I gotta say I absolutely hate that mess that fast and loud made out of that box top. The problem could be potentially solved, but I think I'll need to see what happens when I try and put the front tires on.
    While I can narrow the rear to solve fitment issues, I have no "inside" solution if the front tires are too wide.

    Guess I'll have to mock up the front tire on one side before I truly decide on a course of action
  16. perhaps a capri style flare? Ithink that would still flow well with the lines of the futura and not suffer the rounded look of flared fenders on a box body?
    My first gen rodeo had the same style of flare and it worked well on something that was practically a square to begin with.
  17. If I have to bulge the quarters,.. they'll bulge exactly like a Capri. Not looking forward to that much body work,.. but will do it before I'll have a front tire shredded when I hit a bump like what happened w/ the red car.
  18. is that something you could buy pre fabbed?
  19. I don't think so,...I'd have to find a Capri in a salvage yard and cut the quarters, and possibly transplant the front end on my Monster.
    Easier to just pull a piece of fine line tape down the quarter, and slice it w/a cut off wheel. Build the crescent shaped filler strips outta 18ga. and weld it closed.

    (like any of that would be easy)
  20. you certainly make it sound easy. LOL.
    I read somewhere the capri flares dont actually increase clearance, its just a styling cue. you are best off making your own, but you already know that. Either way if anyone could pull it off its you.