The thread of the nicest FOXES!

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  1. Dang, some nice cars on here! Here is my turd...



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  2. Can i play or is it to ugly? :(


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  3. damn you guys make mine look like shiot

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. do you have more pics of them headlamps? ?? i have the same headlights as you, but in black.... i wanna show my friend chrome ones because he also has a black car.....

    I forgot who it was that had them lights, but seeing how you posted your car, it was you! lol
  5. Joe, its bad enough your car looks like ass, you dont need to help your "friend" to make his car look like ass too...
  6. soo you're tellin me bowties car looks like ass too?? Ignorant sh1t.

    plus.. theres noway nohow my friend's car could look like crap too as your saying...


    I would say it looks JUST as nice as yours personally.. Infact mike, i think this is one of the nicest fox bodys on stangnet...
  7. you realize by using the word "too" you are admitting your own car looks like crap.
  8. im well aware of that.. im talking using Mike's point of view... he thinks my car looks like crap. So i said theres noway that car looks like crap TOO...... wow i lost myself.. lol

    Either way, theres noway that car looks like crap soo i posted a pic to own his ass because i bet he was waiting for me to post an ugly looking or a stock looking fox body..

  9. that ride is sweeeeeeeet!
  10. Im not going to get in you and sirsureshots arguments but yes i have more pics.. Here ya go. and BTW i think yours and sureshots Is baddass

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. looks gorgeous... thanks..
  12. hey 28. you gotta get some new pics in here asap. i love your car.
  13. :hail2: finally I see a notch in that color. I think you just convinced me what color im paintin my car (if you dont mind my copying you). That car is unreal.
  14. NICE. :hail2: :owned:
  15. Nice..Are those 3" Tailpipes?..if so were did you get them..thanks :nice:
  16. Don't know who owns these cars, but heres a few of my favorites!


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  17. Agreed ... paint your car all silver. That would look really good!!
  18. That looks bada$$! :nice:
  19. took me 4 pages but ill stop being lazy and post my pictures, not like there anything special, but what they hay

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