Trans Go Or Baumann

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  1. if im understanding how these things work correctly, the governer is what controls shift points, and it can be manipulated.

    as far as an already modified vb (doesnt matter through who), you gotta remember that taking your car somewhere and having a shift kit installed is gonna cost about $300 (or more) in parts/labor. add in that the silverfox ones are basically custom built for your application (4r gearing in aod, custom shift points/firmness), and its really not THAT bad, but yes, there wont be a huge difference between it and just putting a shift kit in for the untrained eye.
  2. Give this a read
  3. uretyje3.jpg got her out.. A lot of little balls and springs. Pretty easy soo far. Had to quit for the afternoon. Back at it after my son goes to bed.

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  4. Pretty messy?
  5. Which one did you decide to go w and please report how it performed
  6. That one..

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  7. Hit a roadblock.. Lost one of the spring clips... Was pulling it out and it went flying.... Son of [email protected]$&@... So I have to find a replacement..

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  8. Oh ok I must have missed that. Man that's a bummer, sounds like something I would do. Good luck bro
  9. As I recall it was shifting at around 4,800 or so. Honestly, I only had the car a few days before the swap. All I know is that by the time it finished sliiiding into the next gear I'd be well out of the powerband.
  10. Well, after some unsuccessful internet searching I decided to make my own. Used some spring steel I had laying around. Made a couple variations of the clip, hope one of them works. me6e8a7u.jpg

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  11. a2epadyd.jpg my home made clip worked. Hopefully have it running by the weekend

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  12. Everybody's workin for the weekend
  13. Just finished up the install. I did not put the high rev portion of the kit in though. Prior to the kit the aod was sloppy on downshifts, now it responds right away and has a little kick going into 2nd and 3rd. Chirps 2nd easily. Have not tried 3rd yet. It shifts at about 5500 on the stock tach now . Before it was 4800 or 4900. I am going to Cecil county drag way next Friday night so we will see if it made any difference. I ran a 14.6 last time I was there.

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  14. Cool man good luck
  15. Didn't make it to the track last Friday we had like 15 inches of rain. Gonna try again this coming Friday.
  16. Rain here too. Tx
  17. I was cleaning up my mess from this project and I noticed I put the first half of the hi rev kit in. There are 2 sections. I did not put the governor part in. This is optional. But the shift point 1-2 has dropped a little to prob 5200 or so and 2-3 prob 5-5100. Don't know why but the kit says it should be slightly over 5 k so I think the instructions are accurate.
  18. pasare6y.jpg 14.3 left lane.. .3 improvement shifting at 5k manually
  19. So since you were shifting manually was the kit even needed? Did you try to let the kit shift on a pass?
  20. I shifted manually last time too. It shifts faster and harder with the kit, but I also have under drive pulleys on the crank and water pump. They were not on the last time. Shifting at a higher rpm (5500) resulted in higher et's. I think the car likes the 5k- 5200 shift better