Tryin on my tux for prom...

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  1. x2 LOL:rlaugh:
  2. It's been asked before, but I'll ask again ... how did this thread get so damned long? :scratch:
  3. because we wanted it to.
  4. Yeah **** lol jk...

    I broke another damn fuel rail bolt GRRR...

    I was installing a plumbing T on the coolant sensor so I could have EGR and the coolant sensor in one port and I had to take off the fuel rail b/c of clearance issues and when I got it all snugged and about 5 min from firing it up the damn bolt snapped. Good thing I have like 6 of them. I have to notch the bolt and see if I can get a flat head in there to twist it out. F THIS!!!
  5. grey5.0beast, see how karma bit you in the ass for calling Darkwriter77 a ****. :lol:

    "****!" "ahhhh I broke a bolt! ahhh!!"
  6. Thank God you're not the one on the left. LMFAO I'm sorry... :lol:
  7. Are we all a bunch of goofy looking individuals on this site??? What a mess!!!:rlaugh:
  8. I'm not goofy :(

    both those *******'ers above are though :D
  9. haha i was crouching. The girl i took is awsome thought g/f on and off for about 3 years and she likes my notch way more than me. Dont know how thats possible but its true
  10. The dude on the left looks like his head is mismatched in size to the rest of his body. Maybe it's the tux, I dunno...

    Ain't it kinda sad that people only dress up nice for prom, weddings, and funerals, anymore? Three whole occasions in a lifetime where chicks look like ladies and dudes look like men, instead of everyone running around in cheap, sloppy crap like they just crawled out of bed or out from under their car. I miss them olden tymes where chicks had corsets and silk stockings, with the deep scoop-necked cleavage-flashing dresses ... although they always look best in black, of course. :D