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  1. so has any of you so called mechanics out there ever heard of a dart block???
    and I never posted that the car was running. and I never said anything about a decreased engine tempature
  2. For what it's worth, read THIS from the Dart website. You can get a 351 block with 302 main journal size.

    However, I do believe this guy needs to quit huffing carb cleaner. Who would want to row through 12 gears? Who would want all that parasitic drag? After the transmission tunnel is wrapped around the drive train, where would you put the front seats? How big of a bilge hood is necessary to hide a two turbod, tri-cooled 9.5 deck block? I'll believe it when and if we see it.

    BTW, how about posting the engine Dyno chart from this engine? Or maybe pics of it on the dyno? Or are the numbers in your sig from some Engine Dream Software? How about pics of this pile in the garage?
  3. Sure, but you don't claim to have a dart. In this post you have the summit version:
  4. I said Summit Racing has a block, If you wernt do dumb you would know that Summit Racing sells Dart blocks
  5. I see you've been back. I ask again:

    Ball = In your Court :D
  6. I am an idiot, someone please choke me. LOL! Cobra TT is OWNED!!!! what a dumbass..
  7. Has it gotten a year younger now?
  8. This guy is a wate of sperm .... :nonono:
  9. lmao omg... thats funny. May I ask what would the benefiets of a 302 crank even be? Wouldn't you want the 351 crank for max performance?
  10. Truth or lie you guys need to lay off of the insults
  11. :nice: And keep it out of the rides thread- Sleeper can't you get these waste of spaces out of here, and get this sticky cleaned up again?
  12. Yeah....this furum is supposed to be serious :damnit: ...I`m looking into supercharging my II and when I came across a twin turbo set up I got really excited... :mad: It almost looked too good to be true.... :rolleyes: Hopefully you can delete this :bs: of the thread.....let`s move on

    cobra tt it`s just too bad you can`t back up what you are saying with pics.... :bs:

    That`s the internet,it is soo impersonnal,on internet dating sites, girls pretend to be cute when they are ugly...guys do the same...and in forums people sometime use language that in a real life situation they wouldn`t even have the balls to use in a face to face situation...I hate :bs:

  13. 2005
  14. I'm sorry I'll quite pretending. :(
  15. Here's some pics of the '78 Cobra II
    P. Side
    D. Side

    I bought the car in August for 800. I am the second owner, everything is original. 58k. The only thing wrong was a hole in the exhaust, and it had some surface rust. 302 4spd. I am trading the 4spd. for a rebuilt C4. I plan on putting D5 Heads, 83 Gt 5.0 Intake, Holley 600 dbl, crane cam, tci torque converter, 3.40:1 rearend, magnaflow muffler. I plan on getting the car re-painted this summer. First, just white, then I will add the stripes later.

    This is my second II, I also had my '74, which is now gone. I have loved the II's since I first saw the '74 sitting in that yard.
    (PS. This is a pics forum.. at least if you want to b**tch at someone post a pic with it )
  16. :nonono: I wasn`t talking about you.... :D the pictures I`ve seen of you speak for themselves!!!! :nice: Oh! by the way I`m still waiting for a photoshop montage with your Orange bikini and my car in the back ground... :D Just kidding :rolleyes:
  17. Nope, thats how I got 'em. The guy took good care of the car before I got it. Your not the first person to ask if they were recovered.. but there is a tear on it but its not visible in that picture..
  18. [​IMG]

    Heres my baby and my beater.