Vortech Boost-a-pump Question

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  1. hey guys i have vortech that i installed on my 96 cobra back in 1997 and it came with the t-rex in line boost-a-pump and lately its starting to make some funny noises, my question is can i totally remove this pump and just put one bigger pump in the tank? The car only has the stock 24# injectors still and i would like to do away with the t-rex, what size pump should i go with, the car is all stock except for the vortech so it doesnt make crazy big horsepower or anything, and the t-rex pump has always been real loud and a little annoying... thanks for any suggestions!
  2. You can do a bigger pump. I would still do bigger injectors and a tune (even a hand held)
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  3. what size of a pump would you suggest?
  4. If that's a return style system, and I think it is, you could probably just get one of the Walbro 250 or 290 pumps. They sell those things everywhere. Of course that's assuming you aren't running any a huge amount of boost. My 0.02.
  5. Pretty much what he said.
  6. Any of the Walboro HIGH PRESSURE pumps will do the job. If you're running an FMU then you NEED the high pressure variants. There is a difference. They make 190s and up in both standard and high pressure. 190s though, are garbage for any boosted app.

    Agree with ditching the tiny injectors.