Forced Induction Vortech On A Stock Motor?

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  2. We need more info on your car. Because if you have mods already and are close to maxxing out your stock injectors, then you would want to upgrade when you get the supercharger. And also a bigger fuel pump. Bigger calibrated MAF
  3. I think the vortech kits come with a bigger fuel pump. Ive always been under the impression that you'll need bigger injectors, throttle body, MAF, and a good tune.
  4. The kit comes with an FMU. Which to be honest, I don't really like the idea of that. I of course have never used one due to the fact I've never run a supercharger, but it just seems like a band aid to me. I would just rather get a bigger set of injectors and a calibrated MAF.
  5. That kit is designed to bolt on a bone stock unmodded engine.

    But, I still have recommends.
    1 upgrade your fuel pump to a high pressure 255lph. I use a Walbro GSS 340
    2 Add an adjustable fuel pressure regulator for tuning purposes. I use a Kirban
    3 Add an ignition box/boost retard for tuning purposes and amplifying spark to prevent spark blowout while under boost. I use an MSD 6BTM.
    4 Replace your spark plugs with colder temp plugs. I use Autolite 23's gapped to .032
    5 Get it tuned on a dyno.

    If your engine is stock, this kit will run great,(after it's dyno tuned). If you modd the engine,increase boost, add power in any way you will need to upgrade to larger injectors and matching MAF ,and also add a bypass valve. Also, you wont need the kits provided FMU, because you wont need it with larger injectors.
  6. Is an FMU basically a chip? Just so the thing will run? Im somewhat interested in this kit now. What kind of performance would you see with that low boost setup on a stock motor?
  7. Thanks for the insight. Anyone got any numbers as far as what this kit would produce?
  8. I just put a Vortech V3 supercharger on my stock 86 gt. The kit includes EVERYTHING you need to put on your stock motor. The fmu everything. Pm me if you have any questions.
  9. A stock 5-6lb kit on a STOCK engine is said (by vortech) to make 275rwhp.
  10. Thats not terrible but when you start upgrading everything starts to get reaaaal pricey
  11. I am putting mine on our dyno at work soon. I will let you know my numbers.
  12. Lookin forward to seeing those. Guess the OP isnt too interested in his question haha.
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  13. Here's a comparison for you. Before we installed the sc-trim on my car we did a baseline pull on the dyno.
    I doing this from memory, I wish I still had my old print outs to post.
    The car made 249 rwhp before the supercharger.
    After the install the car dyno tuned for a best of 312 rwhp. The 5-6 lb kit only made 4 lbs of boost on my car right out of the box.

    So it resulted in 63 rwhp on 4 pounds of boost. Not too shabby!

    But,, I was disappointed so the pulley swaps ect,ect,ect began. Long expensive story short, now it makes around 440rwhp.
  14. And thats all with supporting mods but keeping the same blower?
  15. Yes those numbers were before and after the blower install. And yes I added the supporting mods mentioned in my first post.

    As I mentioned I was unhappy and immediately started modding with pulleys, larger injectors/meter, intake, ect,ect going for more power.
  16. The Anderson power pipe would help get those 5-6lbs from a stock kit. I wish I would've started with a supercharger. I started with a H/C/I combo and less than a year later went supercharged as well so I had to change some stuff again but hey, you gotta pay to play. Now I'm at a nice 452rwhp/435rwtq on 9psi from my T-trim on a safe tune :thumbsup:
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  17. Thats where I'm at now. Im kinda stashing away some dough and I was going to get the trick flow top end kit. Its a proven combo no guess work wam bam done. But at the same time I kind of want forced induction. I just dont know how well the trick flow kit would mesh with the vortech
  18. that's what I have is the trick flow kit but when I got the blower I had Ed Curtis grind me a cam to go better with the blower. The trick flow kit is great and it alone will get you 310-315rwhp (+/-).