What did you do for your Fox today?

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  1. I got brand new bearings for my 96 front spindles. Currently, when I got more than 20 MPH, it sounds like I'm driving a damn freight train.

    So...what did YOU do for your Fox today?
  2. Waiting for the shop to call me to say i got my subframe connectors welded on :shrug:
  3. prop rod clip, hood bump stops, front seat belts, and console lid, and headlight bulbs, tomorrow, front corner bulbs, and got a set of lx tailpipes
  4. Windshield...one inch crack which progressed into about 10, Got tired of seeing it.
  5. Can I ask how much that ran you? I need to take care of that soon as well. Just curious.

    What did I do to my fox today? Put on over 50 miles hitting up baseball games...2 nephews in 2 different towns. Finally got some good weather in Chicago!
  6. 1st got it back from my friend/mechanic, he redid all the trim it looks awesome.

    I also put on some clear corners I had in the garage (not 100% sold on them still), and new FRPP wires.
  7. started scraping down the head gasket mating surface on the block. also cleaning the block (previously had massive oil leaks)... not fun.
  8. I washed it and took it to a car show and ended up coming home with a class award.
  9. Walked by it and looked at it missing the drivers 1/4 panel. Looked like to much work to get into today so kept walking.. lol.
  10. Uh, what has my Fox done for ME lately? (ooooh oooh oooooooohyeeaaaah)

    Not a damn thing. Haven't even heard it run in over a year. :(
  11. installed the ford racing upper control arms ,painted the shocks and struts and por 15 some other stuff
  12. I looked at mine, Determined not to do ANYTHING to it.
  13. i installed the FRPP ac delete and got it ready to put the trans in
  14. I have an 81 Capri RS with the L6 (200 CI). I need a rear differential cover with only 8 holes instead of the usual 10 holes. I don't know what vehicle the rear end may have come from but I can't find anything online or in stores except for the gasket, can you point me in the right direction?
  15. Looked at it in the garage and did nothing. Needs a battery, oh and a new engine so I haven't touched it.
  16. Ill prob start it up, rev it up and post vid on YouTube
  17. finished putting mine back together (well, enough to try to start it anyway), only to fill it with coolant and find out my pos parts-store over flow bottle has a hole in it :(
  18. Changing starter! YAY! I don't feel like putting the better SN95 starter in because I have to do this in my parking garage so the less time with the hood up the better. I'll do that when the engine is out and I have the garage and time to do a good job... Although it only messed up once (wouldn't start yesterday but did after a few minutes)... I'd HATE to have my car on a flat bed! :D

    Edit: done... took abour 30 minutes, I got a cramp in my left hand from unscrewing the top bolt lol... Once the OE replacement poops out, I'll get the FRPP high torque one. For now I just needed a quick fix without hassles.
  19. Im fixin to do the yearly oil change on my 88, the 01 got hers a few weeks ago.
  20. Bolted on my hood today. Put the rear back in the car to set up the rear coil overs.