What do I need for a 5.0 swap?

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  1. Beleive it or not, I am considering it. The question is not addressed to this board, even though we all know that 2.3 people know everything about putting in a 5.0. :rolleyes:
    My parents, whom have always stongly discouraged my tinkering and modification said "just throw in a v8 ALREADY!" today. So if I can continue to get thier encouragment, I may go forward with this project.
    If I were to follow through, I would probably steal the FRESHLY rebuilt AOD from the rotting cougar we have, and continue using my 7.5 with 3.73's. I think I could retain the weight advantage, and make some real power. Hell, I still have the nitrous kit. Add a 125 shot, and I could be running at least 13's (if the 7.5 didn't grenade!).

    What do you think?
  2. Would this be a carbed engine or a fuel injected engine?

    And would you rebuild the engine before dropping it in? I mean, as long as you didn't pick up some 150 hp turd car engine, it could be cool.
  3. I would definatly stay EFI, no matter what.
    I may end up buying a 155hp 5.0, but it would have substantial more when I dropped it in, I promise you that.
  4. :rlaugh: Start with a 302 engine

    Does that mean that you will be leaving our ranks?
  5. Well, if you're going EFI...might wanna buy a wrecked 5.0 to swap parts of. I can only imagine the headache of trying to track down all the little stuff you'd need.
  6. I hear you there Garrett I am doing a Block up build on 2 2.3T's it is a headache and I still don't have a parts list for all that I will need.
  7. Yeah, that is my biggest concern.
    This will most likly not happen, but I am getting really tired of having a slow 2.3, and I see a light in the distance. Not wanting to be stuck in purgtory forever, I am talking toward the light.
  8. Fuel Lines (5.0 hooks up at the pass front of the engine)
    You can re-work your harness and add 4 injector plugs ( I have done this re-work)
    Or watch ebay for the 5.0 harness, one for an 87-up should plug into your body harness. ( have done this also, and happen to keep a few spares :) )
    Get the 5.0 gauge pod (tach at least)
    Ecu, and decide if you are going sd or maf before you set it all up.
    A/c lines if you plan to keep it, both cars have the same condensor, Just compressor is on drivers side.

    and of course the obvious motor mounts.
    It is really not a bad swap, done it once or twice, but considering I have had several wrecked cars and I tend to keep everything, I am well stocked on the spare parts front.
    You may want to find a complete fox with a 302 for parts.
    around here you can get cougars and t-birds that are wrecked or roached with a good non ho engine for $200 or less.

    I would Definatly try to start off with a roller motor. I tend to snag em up when I find a good deal, they are a nice starting point for a budget build.
  9. Stay the course Young Jedi Knight, the Force is with you, Don't be tempted by the darkside.

    Plus how can you talk ***** to the 5.0 crowd if you dont have the 2.3 around. I mean we can understand 2 cars in the garage but to cross over. HMMMMMMMMMMM
  10. my opinion.. If you want a 5.0, sell the 2.3 and buy a lx 5.0 or GT. it would probably be cheaper.

  11. You have duals on your car bhuff? heres the plan...find some classic flow master (look under the "ultimate DRONERS!" section :rolleyes: ) weld them. Step two, put a turbo on your 2.3 using the cover of darkness. Step 3 is very simple, everytime you get out of your car take the hood release knob with you....Its fast like a v8, it drones like a v8...its gotta be a v8!!

  12. Converting an '84 TC engine to '87 TC specs isn't too much fun either, seems like ya gotta change everything (v-belts to serpentine, inline intake to box intake, different motor mounts, different senders for gauges, (slightly) different oil pan, etc...)
  13. No we can't loose Buff :doh: :bang: :eek: :chair:

    I guess if anyone goes 5.0 It could be Buff. Hell he's turbo'd the 2.3s and gased them. So all I got to say is good luck and don't be a stranger :nice: Also if you install a 150 hp 5.0L in your car will kick your butt :D

    If you check out ebay under MAF convertions, sometimes they have the whole wiring harness, EEC, and MAF sensor. The stock 19lb injectors are pretty easy to get and in great shape. I payed like 25.00 bux for a set off a 95 GT with 30k on them :D I hope that helps some and again good luck if you do this :flag:
  14. Just go for broke and try to find an FI 351W out of an f-150 or something!
    Or if your going to rebuild your engine get a 347 crank off ebay they have some really affordable ones like $159 etc., you'd have the cubes but weigh 100lbs less than the 351!
    Anyway if you have the means go for it!
    And get a really big solid lifter roller cam, so the car just sits at the light and lopes, and when you get on the gas abit, the front end just rocks!
    And get a... and a... and don't forget..... :crazy:

    I've read tooo many issues of 5.0 Mustang
    (and that's from when I had a 5.0 Crown Vic)

  15. Yeah right, those are hardly worth swapping, the intake sucks, and I don't think an F-150 intake will fit under a mustang hood. You usually have to install a cowl hood to clear a 351 swap anyway, so swapping a 351 would just cost more money.

  16. You should read more than the first line of my post Mr. Moderator sir. It was only the first of a few suggestions.
    And if money is such a big issue, why not just dump a carburetor on it?
    I mean really, after you've spent the bucks to upgrade(again, I MEAN REALLY, WHO WANTS TO RUN A BONE STOCK 5.0L FOR VERY LONG, YOU'RE GOING TO WANT TO UPGRADE IT SOONER OR LATER, I BELIEVE THIS IS KNOWN AS THE LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS) to bigger than stock injectors, a bigger MAF, and before any of those a better intake than stock(at least a Trick Flow)then a bigger throttle body and EGR spacer(have I forgotten anything?)you probably could have gotten a very nice carb(Edelbrock 600 or 750)and a great dual plane intake and phenolic spacer for A WHOLE LOT LESS MONEY, AND WITH NO COMPUTER TO HOLD YOU BACK, THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE AFTERMARKET COMPUTERS FOR 5.0L, SUCH AS THE SPEEDBRAIN, WHICH IS TO MY KNOWLEDGE THE CHEAPEST ONE AT 700.00.

    BUT ALL THAT SAID ONLY IN RESPONSE TO "...would just cost more money".

    A CARBED ENGINE IS THE BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK(may not run as smoothly as FI, may have to choke it in the winter, and forget such great gas mileage, but if your concerned about mileage why go to a V8?)

    Anyway, if your going to drop a V8 in should'nt you be ready to put a 'glass cowl hood on anyway?

    I hope I've covered all the bases, but I've got too many issues of 5.0 Mustang, Super Ford , Hot Rod, etc. backing me up, not to mention REAL LIFE EXPIERIENCE.
    Suffice it to say that the stang is not my first car, and back in '93 I was skinning 5.0s with my '71 Chevelle conv. Now I own a '93 conv. stang, "strange days have found us".
  17. non trac lok 7.5=teh suck. get a parts car and use the 8.8 and you won't have to lay down those embarrassing 1 stripe burnout tracks

  18. That's they way I went.

    I sold my '90 2.3L for $3000 and bought my '88 5.0 for $4000.

    So basically my 5.0 conversion cost me $1000 in parts and the labor was done for free! :D
  19. My donor car was $600, all I needed was the right harness wich I got for $75 at a local mustang yard, 9 long days later it was up and running with the 5.0 in it. The only splicing I had to do was with the altranator harness, I couldnt use the donor cars b/c it was cut up in the accident that wrecked it.
  20. Umm:scratch:...I think he's just got to much money is his and would be a be loose to sell it for less.