What Would It Take For 800 Horsies

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  1. Hi
    Hope everyone is well and having a great summer.
    Thinking of upping the horsepower again, thought 800 is a nice number!!:) At this point I am on the fence not sure why I am going to upgrade. Because I can??? Bragging rights??

    Wondering what it would take, my son says a custom cam would get me pretty close. He says drivability would suffer though.
    Anyway here is what I have and looking for suggestions.

    Now have 623rwhp

    347 Ci
    Dart block SHP
    8.5 to 1 Compression Ratio
    Dyno Tuned SCT Chip
    TFS TW Heads ported
    Systemax Intake Ported
    Intake Spacer 1" inch
    Vortech V-2 SQ With 2.85 Pulley
    Anderson Power Pipe
    Maxflow bypass valve
    Snow Water Meth 2 Stage
    75mm T/B
    MAF SCT Big Mouth BA 3000
    60# injectors
    Steeda 19 Cam
    H&S 1.72 Roller Rockers
    MSD 6al
    Glenns Performance fuel rails
    Glenns Performance Dual Walbro sys (1000 hp)
    JBA ceramic coated Shorty Headers
    Dynomax Ultra Flo SS Exhaust
    Mac Hi-flow cats
    Spec 3+ Clutch
    TKO 600
  2. Victor EFI intake or box type upper or go with the 90 degree elbow on a 4 barrel intake conversion.

    Custom camshaft should really improve things over your current Steeda 19.

    A NOS or similar system will get you there easily.

    Sell the Vortech and go turbo.
  3. +1 on the Turbo. It's going to be really hard to push the blower any farther or get the engine to breath enough to get that power. The bottom line is that the blower you have will only flow so much air.

  4. time for a ysi!
  5. if you lose driveability with a custom cam, you went with the wrong cam grinder! Call Ed at FTI
  6. +1 on either a turbo or an upgrade to a bigger blower. That S-Trim just isn't going to do it. With the Meth kit you are about 180hp short of 800. There is no way a cam of any kind is going to make that kind of power increase. Also, you may want to take into consideration that you will be pushing that TKO600 beyond its limits so that will end up being a required upgrade as well sooner or later.
  7. The cam will help but I wouldn't expect huge gains with that combo... like said if a custom can causes you drivability issues some things wrong.

    I figure with 17% drivetrain loss your making about 735fwhp. Are you talking 800rw or 800fw? With a more aggressive tune your meth gains could be higher I'd use a 80% mix as well.

    How ported are the TFS heads? Besides adding a lot more boost your gains with a big cylinder head and proper can could yield good results.

    800 can be made with a worked Holley a high port or AFR 205/225, and 20psi with a YSI or F1R blower...actually you can make well over 800.

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  8. 17% loss sounds a little steep for a TKO600 car don't you think? I've never seen anyone throw that much in there.

  9. I think 17% is pretty close with a tko the t5 was around 14-15%...those numbers I think Ron Anderson gave me years ago in NMRA P/S... it truly all depends on the entire drive line combo.

    I know with no changes other then a trans we saw less HP when we went to a Tremec over the built T5...dyno was on different days and clutch disc was obviously different but conditions were as close as we could get.

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  10. this right here. i think swapping out the heads and getting a larger blower will get you there if not really darn close. I think ultimately you could do it with just boosting it to all hell, but the heads will make it easier.
  11. I hope it's not 17%, because if it is I'm pushing my block way too hard. I usually just do 14% for a manual and 18% for an auto on average. The rotating mass in a Tremec is heavier than that in a T5, but it's almost negligible. For a dyno pull it's just the difference in the mass of the countershaft. The mass difference in the input and output is completely negligible.

  12. Some of the autos can be 24%

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  13. Thanks for all the info . It will take a while to make a decision. Leaning toward a cam and bigger blower, have a quiet one now and not sure I want the whine. Turbo sounds like starting over and is a little mysterious to me.
    In Bowling Green ky on my way to the Hot Rod Power tour. Starting is Texas this year. Leaves Arlington, Tx. Sunday.
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  14. My guess would be a lotta scratch ;)
  15. I would agree with the YSI upgrade. I love turbos but the YSI would be an easy upgrade and would meet your power goals.
  16. I agree. I would do the YSI upgrade too now that I think about it.

  17. Thanks for the replies. Think I'll put this on hold for a while.

    Discovered a few things, on the Power Cruise that I want to fix. :oops:
    Nothing like a a 2700 mile cruise to put things in perspective.:)
    You know those little irritating things that after a while drive you crazy.