What would you like to see in a S197 BOSS Mustang?

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  1. Just like the title says.......What would you like to see in a S197 BOSS Mustang?

    I was just wondering.

  2. shaker hood; normally aspirated; IRS option; 18 " wheels; unique color options; six speed manual; limited prod #'s
  3. Personally I would like to see a strong, muscular representation of yesteryear's Boss Mustang. Obviously a step above the Mach, the Boss was a serious street machine even in stock form, especially the '71 Boss 351. Ford has obviously decided to make the Cobra the King of the Hill of the Mustang line so I will follow along that train of thought. If the Boss is designed to bridge the gap between the Mach and the Cobra or even the GT and the Cobra then I would like to see a naturally aspirated version of the 5.4 liter engine sitting between the shock towers. Ford apparently has done all the homework needed to drop a 5.4 in the new S197 platform with the GT500, so I believe a 5.4 in a Boss version should be an easy decision.

    I would like to see the car equipped with some Boss exclusive parts, maybe a special intake manifold, valve covers, different exhaust tips, larger wheels, body scoops (a Ram Air hood would be wonderful) - and of course, exterior badging. A T-handled shifter would add a nice touch of "retro" to the interior as would maybe a 3-gauge pod intergrated with the dash (possibly something like Classic Design Concept's '05 gauge pod setup). Being that the Boss was considered both a straightline performer and road racer, depending on the year, solid axle and IRS options could be nice.

    Now to the numbers, with the advent of the GT's new rating of 300 horsepower and the GT500's 450+ it seems logical to me that the Boss should be a legitimate 375-400 horsepower offering.

    The Boss has a rich history to its name, a name that brought fear to the competition's eyes and wins on tracks throughout the country, so Ford, if you are listening, please do not give us a watered down version if you do plan to release a "Boss"; as a long time consumer and lifelong Ford enthusiast I would rather wait a few more years for a new Boss Mustang to be done right then see a "quick to market" version released for namesake.
  4. -More cubes with either a 400 HP N/A 5.4 DOHC V8 (or 5.0 Cammer)
    -Aggressive hood with signature scoop (preferrably functional)
    -6spd tranny
    -Fatter meats especially for the rear
    -no ghey sticker package
    -maybe have it marketed exclusively as an SVT car (since cobra has Shelby name now)
    -some exclusive Boss parts like C.Harris said, wheels, T-shifter, gauges, etc.
  5. Well, there's no way Ford is going to have the GT500 at 450hp, and a 'in-between' model at anywhere close to 400hp -- its just too close to the Halo Mustang.

    I think the most *likely* setup is the 3v 4.6L, tweaked to about 330hp, shaker hood, specific stripes and wheels, and about $3500 above the price of a GT. If somewhat limited in production, I guarantee Ford would sell each and every one of them in a heartbeat.

    Why do I think the 4.6L will get the nod over the 5.4L? I think the lighter 330hp 4.6 would very nearly equal the performance of a non-supercharged 5.4L motor (350hp?), and would handle better too by reason of its lighter weight on the nose.

    I don't think we'll see an IRS in any Mustang without the "COBRA" logo.
  6. :lol: Funny!

    Lots of good ideas here. As has already been stated, fatties on the rear, functional signiture hood, and a naturally aspired 5.4! I'd also like to see some of the goodies that come out for the aftermarket parts, only built original by Ford (I know I'm dreaming) like the hood pins, window louvers, and special wheels. I'm sure I left something out. :p
  7. Simple, a 5.8L, 351 CID V10 engine, like in the silver Boss 351 that was in the car rags a year or so ago ( and extensively discussed here on StangNet). Street legal it will easily be >400 HP.

    Beyond that, the usual stuff.
    T56 - 6 Speed
    Stronger limited slip rear than Ford Traction Lock.
    18" wheels 9 or 9.5" wide with wide tires.
    Big brakes
    Special spring shock setup
    Boss appearance stuff.
  8. probably the most important and coolest part would be a shaker hood scoop, a different spoiler, chin spoiler, and perhaps c-scoops, no rear window louvers ( I hated those), around 375-400 hp, naturally aspirated, 18 or 19 inch wheels, fatter tires (295's or 275's in the rear), louder exhaust, and the usual bolt-ons to get that 375-400 hp. color options: ORANGE, lime green, white, yeller, maybe a few others
  9. that would be amazing, I know I'd definately buy one for that price.

    p.s. this post should be sent to ford, just to give them a couple idears
  10. Forged internals from the factory, ie Crank, Rods And Pistons!!
  11. I think limited production is key. Ford is going to make the bucks off of the mainstream GT's & V-6's. The Cobra is going to be king of the hill in terms of HP, but both cars will be halo cars, so why not make the boss in limited #'s that will appeal to a slightly different group of enthusiasts.

    The cobra will be priced just under $40k and will probably go out the door for $45 after the bloodsuckers add their vig, so price the boss at $35 and let the dealers gouge on the cobra. The boss will be for the more middle class collector.
  12. Absolutely!!!!

    5.0 Cammer motor and call it the BOSS 302!

    350-375 naturally aspirated HP, solid axle, shaker hood, classic striping, and in GRABBER BLUE!
  13. That would be hot didn't even think of the Boss 302 thing :hail2:


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  14. Limited edition is definitely appealing, but since Ford sells the Cobra and soon to be Shelby as "Limited Edition" while continuing to put out 5k+ units a year that is really just marketing.

    My wish list:
    NA 5.4 all aluminum with bumped compression and forged internals 400+ HP.
    Boss appearance package

    Shaker hood
    Big brake kit (14")
    4.10 or 4.30 gearing
    Limited Edition wheels
    Tire upgrade
    Radio/AC delete
    Rear seat delete

    We're pretty much all on the same page. :cheers: Is anyone at Ford listening?
  15. Quote "p.s. this post should be sent to ford, just to give them a couple idears"

    I am sure they must have bean counters that monitor the sites - they just choose not to do much about it.
  16. I'd like to see an engine with at least 302ci of displacement. As it was mentioned before , the 5.0 CAMMER, or a 5.4 V8 (either 3v or 4v) would be perfect. I'm not to worried about the drivetrain and the suspension too much, as those are easily modified. Cosmetically, it should stand out as a BOSS.
  17. The Cammer is 305 CID, not 302 CID !

    Ford has said repeatedly that the Cammer will NOT be used in a production street car. It does not meet Ford's durability requirements due to the thin liners and it does not meet current emission requirements.

    However, reportedly Ford had developed liners that allow a 2mm over bore (92.2 mm). That would bump displacement to 4.8L (292 CID). A stroke increase of 2.533 mm would give the "magic" displacement of 301.6 CID, which is what the displacement of a Ford 302 really is.

    In any case, Ford has not shown any sign of returing to engine designations in CID.
  18. :shrug: Since when did Ford marketing pay any attention to accuracy of displacement? 302's are not 5.0L engines but that is what most Mustang owners will tell you they are. I'm not flaming here, I just want to point out the discrepancy. If Ford wanted to use the cammer and call it a 302 they'd do it in a heartbeat, whether or not the designation was accurate.
  19. My first choice would be the 5.0L Cammer engine.

    Ford keeps saying it's not a production engine, but what the heck do they call the FR500Cs, if it's not a low volume production line of dedicated racers?

    My second choice would be an aluminum block 5.4 DOHC, naturally aspirated. ~150 pounds lighter in the front end than the Shelby, and some further weight reduction elsewhere would be nice, but with less power, probably around 375 HP. With enough performance to kick the snot out of the 4100+ lb. SRT8s.

    There's not room in the market for a GT, Mach, Boss, and Shelby GT500 all at the same time. We're probably going to see a GT and a Shelby/Cobra most years with a "special edition" slotted in-between every so often, like the 2001 Bullitt or the 2003-4 Mach.