What would you like to see in a S197 BOSS Mustang?

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  1. A n/a aluminum 5.4 3v. 350 hp/350 trq. More stout suspension & gears (like the old boss), along with the original boss paint scheme/colors.
  2. There is already talk of a boss probably will be 5.4 350 hp or around there
    what would i like to see... will never happen but an all aluminum pushrod 400 ci n/a 6 speed live axle optional drag pack with diff gear selection
  3. I think of the Boss as being not so much a step up from the Mach I, but rather, a different, complementary approach to performance. Whereas the Mach I was pretty much a unidimensional, big motor, straight line drag car, the Boss was a much more broadly capable, more balanced road racer. Thus, I see no need for huge amounts of power or engine size over the current GT's 4.6. Rather, a high winding DOHC version of the 4.6 would probably most closely replicate the spirit and feel of the Cleveland headed Boss 302. 350-375 hp would be fine. As for the rest, a tight ratio 6-speed, uprated suspension (perhaps Ford could be pursueded to finally roll out their IRS in place of the truck axle), big brakes, big tires and uprated seats (Recaros or Sparcos would be sweet). I wouldn't go too crazy with gaudy graphics, keeping the Boss more purpose oriented in design rather than some flashy pimpdaddy mobile. The peacocks can always tart it up post purchase anyway.
  4. Just a hair more cam, open up the chambering in the exhaust a bit and add the shaker hood-scoop (which I am trying to figure out how to do now) and the Boss stripe / louver package. Yeah - just a few tweeks! :D
  5. It shouldn't weigh more than 3300 pounds.
  6. The problem is the "Boss Mustang" is schizophrenic. There was both the Boss 302, which was intended to be a balanced well handling car to make Trans-Am race cars out of and there was the Boss 429 which was a cobbled together car intended only to sell enough of Ford's Boss 429 engine to retail customers so NASCAR would approve the Boss 429 for racing.

    With the former in mind (Boss 302), I would also like to see a new Boss much as you describe:
    Any possible weight reduction - max weight 3300 lb.
    6 speed MTX T6 with 3.38, 1.99, 1.33, 1.00, .80, .58 ratios
    6 Speed ATX option (ZF trannie as used by BMW, Jag, etc. with "manumatic" shifting.
    3,73 rear axle ratio
    18" wheels
    265 / 45 tires
    13.5" front / 12.75" rear brake rotors
    Upgraded seats & interior
    Tasteful Boss graphics
    Since Ford can reportedly go 2mm overbore on the Mod Motor:
    92.2 bore x 92mm stroke (4.9L), 4V, 4 cam, VVT, 7,500 RPM redline, 375 HP / 365 TQ
  7. Everything I have heard on hear sounds as if you guys all think that the boss edition is gone. It never left. Larry Shinoda left Ford back in the day and went a little covert with his BOSS designs. He is the man that developed them to begin with. He now runs shinoda racing and anyone can take him a mustang and have it converted to a BOSS and registered as such. Currently his most potent design is a 600+rwhp twin turbo set up for the 05 GT platform. www.shinodaperf.com
  8. They have Boss appearance packages already. Look like crap. Have three of them in our show room
  9. What dealership do you work for that has 3 of our boss packages in
  10. For some reason I thought the originator of the Boss 302/351/429 died a while back. Now while I think Shinoda has some powerful versions of the mustang. I'm not a big fan of their current graphics offerings. I like the understated Boss 429 look more. And while I might be tempted by the legacy model. I don't like the website. It does not have enough info on the car. Or pics.
  11. SVT Driver is correct, Larry Shinoda has been dead for 8 years.

    Sorry, but Shinoda is just another aftermarket company, they do not make real Ford Boss Mustangs.
  12. Ditto. One more thing, use the front end of the GT500.
    Check the Mach 1 design at www.creatingthelie.com
    If Ford makes something like this, it will be in my garage.
  13. i know what id like to see :D different cup holders!!!!!!!! :fuss:
  14. .. a release date...
  15. I still have not gotten any info the dealership that carries boss Shinoda cars on there lot i guess they are not there also just a quick note we just finished up an 03 cobra shinoda street car making 920 at the rear wheels 23 pounds of boost and 15 degrees of timming also the car everyone here is actually available called our stroker edition retro strips and shaker basiclly built to what everyone here wanted 14 inch brakes the works
  16. 6-Speed
    5.0 Cammer - maybe 5.4, but then I'm not sure how Ford would name it. Maybe BOSS alone, without engine displacement?
    8.8" rear
    18" wheels with 295's at least, maybe even 315's or bigger (look at the new Z06 and Vipers)
    Optional Big Brake Package
    Optional IRS
    Optional Drag-Pack (4.10's, softer drag suspension, brakes to clear 15" Welds for slicks/skinnies)

    This would be an awesome car.

    Oh and absolutely no way should there be a shaker hood on a BOSS. Would you want a BOSS 429 scoop on a Mach 1?
  17. IMO, a few things would be nice:

    5.0 liters
    High-revving (7000 or a little higher)
    Great handling
    Lighter weight
  18. I, personally, wouldn't want to see a Boss Mustang. The whole reason they were called "Boss" was because "Boss" was a cheesy 1970's way to call something "cool" or "the ****".

    I think a less retro s197 Mustang would be a nice change for a specialty model.

  19. This is not the reason why the Boss Mustangs were called "Boss".

    The name "Boss" was picked by Larry Shinoda referring to his "boss" Bunkie Knudson. Shinoda & Knudson were both hired away from GM by Ford to punch up some of Ford's products including the Mustang. The "Boss" name on the Mustangs were sort of a thanks to Bunkie for letting him do those models.