What's Everyone got going for Projects now that it is getting Warmer?

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  1. Well, I'm already planning the new paint job (not even going to pay it off first) and the new seat I want is an in-store purchase only :( Also have been looking at Edelbrock for some Sporty engine stuff. She's gonna scream when I get done with her.

    I'm thinking of naming her Harlequinn or Pheonix. It's gonna be a flame themed custom job.

  2. If that'san 883, then step on up to a 1200 conversion kit.

  3. I finaly got the stang out so now my project is to start on the new engine. Made a deal with the wife, if I don't buy a motorcycle I can build whatever engine I want. Now I just have to find a block.
  4. The projects have been going since fall, 68 chevelle convertible 472, 4l80e trans manual valve body, ssbc brakes all around custom interior,

    And a 93 vert, complete new paint, and interior Smoothed and filled engine compartment, Rad support. Hopefully will be done in the next 2 weeks.

  5. Here's a before pic:

    As of today:

  6. Is that the same bike he had is wreck on a couple years back?
  7. Well, I swapped the rear gears this past Friday and while the axles were out I had new bearing pressed on the axles. Then Sunday when I took her out for a spin I developed an electrical problem with the turn signal. I have the parts to replace the ignition switch and door locks so I quess when I do that I will be pulling the turnsignal switch as well to see what shorted. Next on the list I have a rebuilt power steering unit to install. And I need to change the speedometer gear. The question is can I get all of that done prior to the power tour?

    Additionally I collecting the parts for an engine rebuild and repainting the engine bay this winter.

  8. Well, when I get the power pack from Edelbrock, I'll also be adding the 1200 jugs on it. That should put me at over 100HP on two cylinders.

  9. Sure looks like it, must have been before Bambi though.
  10. I only have the Stage I package on mine.
  11. Yup. . . . well, parts of it. Not much of the original bike was slavagable after the accident. I think it's still the original engine & tranny, triple tree, some of the turn signal lights, exhaust pipes, and a few other little things.

  12. Still a poor college student so funds are limited. Hope to have a full MSD upgrade (ignition box, coil, wires, etc), exhaust, and redo the battery wires.
  13. Now where did we last leave you? Something about adding a redneck addition on the house or something?

  14. Sadie got a present today (probably won't get around to installing it for a couple of months, though).



  15. chelle,

    Let us know how that painless kit works for you. I am considering something similar on my 72. I have all sorts of electrical gremlins jumping up at me.
  16. Definitely.

    Dad installed one of their Jeep harnesses and he said it wasn't too bad. It was specifically for Jeeps, but for about 20 different years of CJ-7's. This is for 2 years of mustangs, so in theory, it should be easier than the Jeep one.

  17. I have seen people put them into the GM cars with ggod results.
  18. The metal work on the Mach1 is complete, now just getting it prepped for epoxy ,then I have to complete the metal work on my '68GTO ,and try to find time to bolt all the tons of part's I have in boxes lying around for the '66...and once all that is caught up, then it's on to the '67 Chevelle...I guess I've got enough to keep busy...:)
  19. finish the falcon . . .

    Pick up the 83 capri, build the motor and essentially the entire car . . .

    Take both to the track before the season ends.