Whats quicker? Mach1/2001 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Mach428, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. Dude, you ARE the definition of "Ricer"...your sig:

    Funny thing, that's what all the "Ricers" say about their neon lights and big wings. :rolleyes:

    I have not seen any helpful constructive threads or replies from you at all. You have nothing but empty $hit talking to all your fellow Stang owners...in fact I'm starting to wonder if you even own a Mach and you're a Riced out Civic owner trolling this forum. :rolleyes:
  2. 94 GT Vert

    Just kidding Mach 1 :nice:
  3. You know why?? Cause I'm tired of Cobra guys blowing off the fact that the Mach 1 is a better car than an 01 Cobra. They can't say "The Mach 1 is Better..." they always have to say "Yeah the Mach 1 is faster, but not much and its still not a Cobra" Either way I know I can't win with you guys cause this is the SVT forums, but come on!! don't you guys ever give credit to other mustangs when they are better than your precious SVT? For once I would like to read a (Mach 1 or 01 Cobra) thread that said this..."The Mach 1 is a better car for the money than and 01 Cobra" or "The Mach 1 is faster than the Cobra" or "The Mach 1 has a definate advantage over our Cobras"
    Thats the facts jack. Stock for Stock, Dollar for Dollar, The Mach 1 is a better car!! I'm tired of you guys ifs, ands, and buts. Oh and I know, I know...Its a drivers race right? :rolleyes:
  4. Good grief...is this guy still arguing? I would have thought this thread would have died by now. Funny how everybody "gets it" but SVOKING.
    Dude, you have some serious car-related inferiority issues, from one car lover to another....seek clinical help.

    I have to go now, there are Mach owners in the greater Knoxville area that I have yet to look down my nose at. :lol:

  5. Gets what?? Explain

    Mach 1 puts up better numbers than a stock 01 Cobra and cost less new. What else is there?
  6. Just because it puts down alittle more power and is a few clicks faster in the 1/4 doesn't make it a better car IMHO.

    My POS 01 Cobra as you put it, Handles much better than your Mach does. Does that make it better....no it doesn't.

    Like i said before i have drivin a Mach and i own a 01 Cobra i just like my Cobra better.

    Let me put this into perspective for ya

    MACH 1 better at the strip
    99/01 Cobra better on the Road Course

    hell if we are going this route we should just say the LS1s are better than the 01 Cobra because they also put down better numbers. :rolleyes:
  7. Your trippin'
  8. I'm sorry, but the difference between 9.8:1 and 10.0:1 is negligable. If you think other wise, please explain how this makes a "big difference" when it is "only slightly higher". A very rough rule of thumb is that one point of compression is worth ~15 HP. You do the math. The Mach 1 gets its better powerband from a variety of engine changes - very little is compression.

    This is a silly statement. "Better" if very much a subjective metric, and what is better in the eyes of one may not be in the eyes of another. Your statement is rather insulting to many folks, I'm sure.

    Speaking only for myself....if I had no current car, and Ford was going to give me either a brand new 2001 Cobra or a brand new 2003 Mach I, I'd choose the Mach in half a New York minute. BUT - that is just me, and does not mean it is a better, or worse car.
  9. :lol: lol yea Im gonna have to agree. I mean the original question is "what car is quicker" not "who would win" and its funny that some of the cobra guys are getting all pissed because of it, making excuses and put downs. i think they are both nice cars but u dont have to get butt hurt just cuz your couple year old car isnt as fast as a new one
  10. WTF is the matter with you? Quit whining! <Arnold's voice> So why don't you go to the LS1 forums and tell them that your car is gods gift to man? I think you have this secret regret that you got a Mach 1 and not a Cobra. :D

    I can care less that yours cost less then mine and that it has "superiority in all ways to the Cobra" :rolleyes: It could be made out of Gold for all I care. I like my Cobra better then the Mach 1...next you'll be trying to change what my favorite color will be? Personal Preference.

    Hey guess what? People don't like the same things you like...whoa...let that sink in ok? You have a nice car there, what does it matter what other people say...you got what YOU like congrats. :nice:

    "People don't mind change, they don't like being changed" - Author unknown
  11. Isn't it time to let this thread die? When it comes down to it, each car's performance varies. Each owner needs to be happy with his/her own choice - that's what matters. After all, no matter which Mustang anyone owns, no matter what improvements you have made, somewhere there is a car that is faster or quicker - unless you are John Force :hail2:

    I was unhappy with the power output of my 99, especially when I considered the performance improvements made on the 03, so I traded it in on a new one. I was even happier with the location of the cupholder better than the 99 :D

    We'll never settle this subjective discussion. :bang:
  12. Have you even read this thread? Seems that SVOKING is the one that's but hurt on the fact that we won't drool all over his car.

    I've been laughing at his post every time I see this guy go on, but now I'm a little worried being it seems he really is taking this to heart. How upset he is that people won't bow down to him, just seems that he needs to find strength and courage within himself and not through a vehicle he drives.

    How can you deny the fact that the next car will be better and faster; I know this and I think it's great...if this wasn't the fact I'd be driving a 200hp Cobra. You should know more then anyone that stock for stock doesn’t mean **** once you've modified (7 second '87 Mustangs).

    Maybe you where pointing this out to a select few but I assure you I can care less. Bravo to all the '03/04 Cobra and '05 GT owners. :flag:
  13. At somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 horsepower, John Force's Mustang is faster than his Mach 1 or my Cobra :rlaugh: :D :rlaugh:
  14. I guess my run of 13.2 was a fluke then! And tons of other Machs that run low 13's stock..

    Mach will win the quarter every time given equal drivers. The crappy IRS on the 01 Cobra is the biggest disadvantage for the Cobra in the quarter. Wheel hop sucks!

  15. The point is that this thread is NOT subjective!!! Its factual. The Mach is a better car for the money is fact!!! The only problem I see here is the fact that the SVT guys don't like the fact that a NON SVT mustang was a better deal than theres....You SVT guys are the ones turning it into a subjective thread!!!! You always have to add some line about "well, I have a cobra" or "mach 1 ain't no cobra" or some bull like that. This is my whole point!!!

    One guy ask which car is faster? The factual answer: Mach 1 (proven)

    Your guys subjective answer: The Mach 1 is probally a little tinny bit faster and its a drivers race for sure, but either way you can't beat the legend of a Cobra and the satisfaction of owning an SVT product.

    See the difference???? I never stated anything that I don't believe can be backed up with facts.

    Some guy said that I wish I bought a Cobra or something like that?? LOL It's you guys that are getting bent out of shape because I won't buy into the crap your trying to sell.
  16. can you repeat yourself once more please because most of your post have said the same thing.

    And oh by the way I think you will be hard pressed to find to a Cobra owner who is jealous of your Mach he may appreciate it but he won't jealous because he has what he wants.

    Oh yeah one more thing IBTL :lock:
  17. Faster car? yes, better car? ... that's up to many peoples opinions... and not your's alone (thank the good lord). :D
    Actually, i really like the fact that when i go around a corner in my SVT, my rear sticks to the ground without tire noise. And i like how my IRS doesnt jump around like a needle on a scratched record. See its not just your opinion that matter now is it. :p If it makes you feel any better, i've seen lots of threads where stangers are bowing to the greatness of the Mach..

    and dont call me Jack :rlaugh:
  18. Wow. SVOKING....you really ought to relax a bit. The "fact" that a Mach 1 is quicker (not necessarily faster) than a 99/01 Cobra is indisputable. However, there is no "fact" that it is better. That is still an opinion. For what I would want, it IS better. But for what some others might want, it quite possibly isn't.

    You could do yourself a big favor (and you wouldn't look like such a childish little ass) if you could accept that some folks have an opinion different from you.
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