What's the top speed you've gotten your 2010 Mustang to??

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  1. I've gotten mine to like 132mph

    every1 else?
  2. About 105 passing someone on the highway. Other than that, I just never really speed on the highway, just not worth the ticket.
  3. i have gone 140mph....
  4. 88 MPH....then I found myself back in 1955:rlaugh:
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  5. 135....on an open stretch of deserted highway
  6. Is there a speed limiter on these?
  7. 260 mph or so. the speedo does not go that high, but i am a good estimator of speed.


    i kill me.
  8. I wonder if GPS can keep up if you are going that fast. Our GPS displays speed. That would be one way to get a close guess.
  9. I have never been above 55 mph in mine!
  10. The fastest I have gone in mine is 100mph passing someone, but I live in NJ and there's too much traffic, too many cops, etc.. When I lived in Colorado, I got my RX-7 turbo up to approximately 174mph on I-25. :Track: I was also closer to 20 than 30 at the time..
  11. A GPS can definitely keep up. Mine clocked me going around 500 mph at 15,000' on a 737. Getting it to lock onto 4 satellites through a tiny port hole is the hard part.

  12. Never thought of trying that. Sounds like it would be pretty cool!
  13. Oh they do. When I went to Florida I turned on the GPS in the plane and now my top speed on the GPS is recorded as 540mph:D.
  14. jdcleve--top speed 2010 Mustang

    I thought I would respond on topic before we hear from the guy that flew his SR-71 blackbird at a ground speed of 2,000 plus mph. I saw my needle dropping from 120 after passing three gravel trucks that had been side-by-side blocking my path for an extended time. I downshifted my Shelby into 4th and made up the lost ground very quickly. I got off the throttle before encountering any other traffic going in my direction. This is the fastest I've ever driven. Since my car arrived with 5W-50, full-synthetic oil (the same weight/type used in the Ford GT) I assume there is no break-in required. Is anyone else concerned about breaking their engine in before attaining high speeds/engine revs?
  15. Hey cleve,

    I got my 2010 gt premium on October 10th and have 4k miles on it. So I'm def past the break in period. How many miles you have on your SHelby? That car must be very nice when you shift from 5th to 4th, the gt is very strong in 4th gear, as yours must be even stronger
  16. jdcleve--top speed 2010 Mustang

    I save driving my newest car for the nice days. The dam-P weather we have been having has kept the Shelby off the road most days. So, I only have a couple hundred miles on it so far. Yes, the Shelby is a very strong performer. I have clued in a few contenders already. I have been uneasy doing so since I am still running without a detector. I have a mirror mount due in the mail tomorrow to complete my V1 installation.

    PS: Please drive carefully. May I recommend that you attend a Defensive Driving Course. Ask your insurance company which ones are good for a discount on your premium. You have already broken my lifetime maximum speed. I hope that 132 will be your all-time record and that your car will give you many years of reliable performance. JD
  17. I drove my car off the lot with 23 miles on it and drove it from day one how I planned on driving it every day - like it's meant to be driven. I don't wait for break in periods and never have, and never had issues with any of my Mustangs. Drove my 05 off the lot with the tires squealing, and didn't quite do the same with this one, but the salesman knew I was going to have fun with it after my test drive. Although, I have never bought one supercharged so that would be a different story :nice:
  18. jdcleve--top speed 2010 Mustang

    My Shelby was delivered with an "Alternate Calibration." That's a feature that limits supercharger boost pressure and engine RPMs during initial driving. It's my belief that this was the result of a number of high performance and/or supercharged vehicles getting badly abused/damaged/totaled before delivery to the customer. As a result, my Shelby lacked performance the first few times I drove it.

    Does/did anyone else require a wheel lug torque check at 500 miles?
  19. There is a huge thread (nice pun) on this at the Explorer Forum I view. It has been my experience that aluminum wheels (especially the torq-thrust's on my Cougar) tend to need a second check after a couple hundred miles. I have noticed them being quite loose at times and one time found one in the parking lot at work. I'm assuming this is why they would require the torque check.