Where are the fast V6's?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Monkie, May 19, 2004.

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  1. I'm sure you have never been in a real V8 car that has torque and power. If you have you would be hooked and think your V6 is a waste. And wow, you can beat me with your bike. Good for you, I can go to the mall with my g/f in my car and pick out some nice clothes she wants and bring them home in my car. Can you do that with your bike? :shrug: :lol: What a ***** I bet you don't even have a bike. And if you do A: mommy and daddy bought it for you or B: its someone else's bike.
  2. So you just slapped on a supercharger, 42lb injectors (in a V6 :rlaugh: ), 300 lph Pump (in a V6 :rlaugh:), 80mm MAF (in a V6 :rlaugh: ), and SCT Chip in your V6 and you don't know what numbers you are putting down? I call :bs: you don't have any of that. If you do take a pic of it because 42lb injectors and 300lph pump would wash your engine away with the gas it would put out.
  3. owned a 94 camaro z28 realized i was paying out the ass for it traded it for my stang. yes it is my boke i took out a massive loan that i am still paying for and yes i can take my g/f to the mall to get some clothes. thats why i have a car. jeez that makes too much sence
  4. No, you make no sense. So your 94 Camaro Z28 was too much to pay so you bought a V6 Mustang and a bike? And I was talking about your bike smart one, not your stang.
  5. i have riden motorcycles sence i was 4 i love them start out on dirt them move to street. when i got my licene(s) i learned to love cars too. now i have the best of both worlds. and i wouldn't go shopping on my bike. i go for ride out in the country on long and curvy roads. you are comparing apples to coconuts
  6. So why the hell did your stupid ass compare your bike to my car to begin with? :nonono: :chair: :doh:
  7. on that note i am going to bed bc i have work in the morning bc i need to make some moeny to continue to justify why i own a 6 cyl.. i am a reasonable person. i don't need an 8 to make myself feel better when i wake up. night to all of my fellow 6'ers and to monkie.. go to hell. if you need to come rip on 6 cy;'s so bad go to ur local ford dealer and cry to them about how you dont think they should sell the six bc i can tell you they will care less about you opinion then i do. :banana:

  8. That is what is req'd on the 6 if you SC, our combustion chambers are bigger than the 8 thats why the 42's are needed. The 300lph pump is req'd because the 255lph tends to burn up with the returnless fuel system or are you being facesios. go back over to www.v6power.net and learn something instead of being ignorant.

    You can also drop an 89 to 93 supercoupe engine in and have a roots style blower putting out 300+ HP and Trq in a 6, imagine that.
  9. monkie is saying that the guy doesn't have a HP number DESPITE putting all that **** on his car. Thats why he called BS. you better stop posting before you look like more of a fool.
  10. Oh yea? So why hasn't my 255lph pump burned up? Maybe you can teach me something about my car that I don't know. :eek:

  11. I don't know about the 4.6's haven't heard of any problems, but it tends to happen on the 6's for some reason. at least alot of the guys with 6's are having trouble with them.
  12. So now I need a V8 to make myself feel better? :lol: Riiight, so I wonder why 6 days out of the week I drive a 4 cylinder? :shrug: Oh yea, the 4 cylinder would still roast your V6's ass. You're the one that sounds like a little cry baby. Go cry in bed now waaaaaaaaa
  13. So can you care to explain to me why someone with a supercharger would not know how much power they are making? In any case what do you think he is making at his REAR WHEELS?

  14. Have you looked at your avatar! :nice:
  15. everyone needs more cowbell!

  16. As a guestamate.....~240 to 270...couldn't say for sure thats my best guess though:shrug: Don't know what his other mods are though??

  17. :lol: :lol:
  18. So why even bother? Do you know what my N/A Cobra put out stock? 279rwhp 285rwtq. And with nothing but cone filter, O/R X pipe, and catback my car made 287rwhp 294rwtq. When I put on my supercharger it made 408rwhp 403rwtq @ 10psi. So how can you justify putting a supercharger on a V6?

  19. How deep is your pocket...I mean a Cobra isn't usally to cheap The price he put into the SC and the 6 hes doing stock cobra numbers, not bad for a 6 and maybe enough power to satisfy for awhile...what year is it, I have been looking at a cobra recently...kicking the tires and all still not sure wether to stick to the 6 modding or go with saving the cash for the 07 cobra or whatever its gonna be or maybe an 03/04?? Still not sure??
  20. Obviously if I can afford a Cobra that has $5,000 paint job and 483rwhp (about to change for the better) my pockets aren't exactly shallow. When you work 10 hours every day you get paid nicely.

    Exactly he is only putting down Cobra numbers AT BEST and a Cobra will still have a better power area than his car. Plus a STOCK N/A Cobra will last for 100,000 miles or more before it breaks. How long will his car last? Not too long.

    Look at my sig. If you are unsure if you should get a Cobra or stick with a V6 why don't you go take a Cobra out for a test drive? Have you ever even been behind the wheel of one?
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