Where are the fast V6's?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Monkie, May 19, 2004.

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  1. I agree and even if there was a V6 Mustang talking crap to a V8 Camaro that he couldn't handle I would jump in the fight as the big brother and shut the V8 Camaro up (if I could).
  2. Because v6's weight less and have better weight distribution.
  3. Ironnic isn't it, that these forums are designed to help one another but yet they are being used to spread hate :bang:

    We are all brothers and sisters who share the love of an American Icon...The Ford Mustang. We pick our cars or some would say the car picked us ;) Who knows why some drive V6s while other drive V8s I know some kids parents refuse to buy them a V8 while other parents will. Some of us no long live under the shadow of our parents and can aford a V8 or know how to shop for a deal on one. I for one love the challange of making a smaller motor faster and to restore a car that is why I picked my car. I also wanted an American 4 banger so when I beat a ricer he can't give me crap that I had a V6 or a V8 crap. This car is all stock and moded with stock J/Y parts done by me. No when I beat that damn ricer I will let him know its was all American four banger power :flag:
  4. Theres really no point incontinueing this since the thread is about fast V6s and people has shown him some fast ones like that 11's one.

    Do you know how much less a 3.8(9) is compared to a 5.0L/4.6L by chance anyways? I'm just wondering since a 2.3T w/turbo only weighs about 50-70lbs less than a dressed 5.0L. Is there really that much difference in a V6 and a V8 :shrug:
  5. Well I know that the 2.3T has an iron head where as the 3.8 has aluminum. Throw in the weight of the turbo and this thing might weigh less than it. I found a website that puts the weight of the 3.8 as 350 pounds with the starter and alternator and no clutch.
  6. Aww Ic thanks... Ya I was going to run a Aluminum 2.3T head but figured I would use that money on a SDS. Kinda upgrade the electronics into the 2000s if you will ;) I did have ever do some work to the ole Iron head to help it out though.
  7. These threads will never go away....

    Why mod a 8? Why not just buy a jet and get it over with. Getting up to Mach 2 would surely blow away any car... :rolleyes:

    Personally, I'm modding my 6 because its the underdog and when I race another stang with gt/cobra badges and give them a run for their money... they say "no way that's a 6." Kinda makes you proud that you built a car (since there's not much of an aftermarket for a 6 compared to 8s so alot of power is dyi) that's as fast as/faster than a cobra. I don't want to blow cars away or anything. 500rwhp is my goal, and if I blow up my engine on the way to getting there, I'll find out where I messed up and build another 6. v8s that brag about having 400-600rwhp doesn't mean crap anymore. Ever since the '03 cobras came out, everyone and their grandma has a 500rwhp cobra. When someone with a 900+rwhp v8 steps up (I know a guy with a 1000hp daily driver) mad props to that person. Same goes with a 6, the guys that are pushing 400+rwhp out of a v6 have some mad dedication. Obviously we v6ers don't want to use our cars to break the sound barrier. It's all in good fun. Then again, you have people with 4 bangers making insane amounts of power that would even make your top dollar car driver's sweat. Pride, bragging rights, and shock factor is what I strive for in modding a 6.
  8. some people will never understand... :nonono:
  9. :lol: maybe you should listen to yourself

    we get **** from cobra/gt owners all the time, have fun on the bandwagon :p
  10. You're the one with a 500rwhp goal in a 3.8L n/a Mustang V6. :rlaugh: Talk about "Lets start out the race running up hill!"
  11. Where did I say n/a? You're seeing things.
  12. how about lets just stop all this argueing. i think monkie is getting tired of dissing ppl too, his responses are getting more dossile with every post lol.

    stop adding fuel to the [email protected]
    i think he made his point that he does not hate the v6, he just preffers teh v8 because he feels it has better power potential. can we leave it at that?

    and yes, there are some fast v6's out there. with some expertise in fabrication, u can get urself a nice turbo setup for relatively cheap. but how many of us can actually do that. the usual route is just to get a procharger, and go heads n cam.

    the v6 is like 300lbs lighter, so it probably does not need as much power as a gt mustang to run a decent time. who knows, im just going purely on speculation here, but it makes sense right?
  13. I agree, it was fun for a while but you guys have just worn my ass out. Nothin wrong with ownin a V6, even one that you mod. But to say its a better idea modding one than a DOHC 4 valve 4 camshalf is not too smart. That would be like me going to a Viper and saying my car is easier to mod. Sure it might cost less but I'm still gonna get my ass waxed 8 times out of 10 if he is modded.
  14. That is the best, well put post I've seen from a V6 owner here. Even if you are Canadian. :notnice:

    :jester: :rlaugh:
  15. I just don't understand why people can't grasp the idea that we own mustangs and want to make them faster whether its an I4 or a V8. Why do so many GT/Cobra owners have a problem with that? This is the bazillionth post that has turned into Mustang vs Mustang bashing. Sigh.......
  16. get off your goddamn high horse and look at what you're doing, you are just making an absolute fool of yourself. WHO CARES how much power you have if your just a cocky SOB about it. damn, I'm 18 and i feel 10 times as mature as you.
  17. :rolleyes: ..ok this is nothing more than :spam: from you at this point and should have been :lock: a long time ago.
  18. I'd rather have a Saleen personally.
  19. Dude why do you care what these guys do to their v-6's? I just dont understand..you come into their forum and start flaming..Chill out..The last time i remembered this is a free country..The reason why these guys mod V-6's is b/c they want to, and also when they race a GT or a Cobra like me and they actually stay up/beat them they get satisfaction out of that. So why do you care?? Just shut up.
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