Will DEI more power than Turbos?

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    10secgoal may have to start working a new header
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. You de man.
  3. that is on every forum around right now:rlaugh:
  4. I saw that the other day and had to change my underwear. He plans on leaning it out because he knows it won't get fresh oxygen. :)
  5. And he's adding intercoolers
  6. I understand this is a joke to us. and its funny. :) But please tell me this guy originally was making a joke?
  7. Yes, but someone is actually arguing with him and he just keeps going with the joke. It's hilarious.
  8. This idiot is serious. He's had some other retarded ideas like this gem of brilliant reasoning:

    It's this guy's offspring that staffs the local Autozone, or at least it must be judging by their know-how.
  9. Hehe, good stuff! They sure don't like that Jay person over on that board lol!
  10. I tried to read the hole thread but I couldn't.... that guy is officially a dumbass.
  11. read the whole thread... its worth the price of admission:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  12. While quite funny and all that...
    Its hardly fit for Tech.
    Moving to Chat forum.
  13. Thanks. It's good to see some modding of the forums. But It does seem to be more 'tech' (in a humorous way) than the Unique Performance thread over there.
  14. Maybe I am starting a flame war... but what do you expect out of someone who drives a Vette?
  15. watch it now....:nono:
  16. i dont think he drives yet...the vette in the picture is probibly the coolest ride anyone has let him take a picture of...
  17. Mostly I expect the person to be driving an automatic.
  18. I took Jay's advice and did a search for "Crazy Steve" in the forums, man what a goldmine. Apprarently some guys on the forum put Steve's car up for sale in Craigs list and on another thread somebody "hacked" his login and was selling his furniture. Priceless!!!
  19. not to interrupt the joke here but i thought of something while reading this. a friend of my dad's did a project for one of his mech engineering classes in college for low buck supercharger. he used the original ac compressor on some beater car of his as the supercharger itself and plumbed it all up and made it work. the thing only made like one or two pounds of boost but it worked.

    this guy was also a genuis with holley carbs too. he got my old 600 working better than it ever should have and he did some amazing work on his old 83 capri. he got that car to get like 32 MPG with the mostly stock 302. he had that reflective insulation all over the place under the hood it, it looked like part of the space shuttle or something. and he had all kinds of gauges in the thing too, it had fuel pressure, vacuum gauge, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, tach and it had one of those old holley mileage computers too. it was the weirdest thing but it looked bone stock from the outside. it wasn't the fastest car around but it was still capable of consistent low 14's and occasional high 13's. there are lot's of v8 powered cars that can do that or better these days but this was back in the early to mid 80's so it was rather impressive back then. this thing was the ultimate driver back then. he also has a 68 mustang GT that he was working on but it has never moved in the whole time i've know him, it just sits in his backyard, it was his first car too.