will two 12" subs fit in my trunk aside from the mach 460 box?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by laser2kgt, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. im gonna stick 2 12" kicker comps in my trunk. they are both in a single box. only q is will they fit since i still have the mach 460 box in my trunk? people that have done this can u help me out?
  2. oh, i ask since i haven't bought em yet, im considering it.
  3. wondering the same thing
  4. Yes, you can. It depends on the box. I have put 2 15's in a 2002, and someone on here has pics of 2 18's in a 2003(??). It can definitely be done. You have about 14" below the Mach box.
  5. Yeah you can, I did it with 2 12's. And a nitrous bottle
  6. id like to see pics of the 15's and 18's.... although 18's do sound rather unlikely.
  7. damn 18s?

    i wonder if it was the solo- X those subs are monters!
  8. the easiest way to get just about anything in newer mustangs (subwoofer wise is to do a downfiring box. it can be low profile and there is no chance of damaging the subs.